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Mexican Fun

This mariachi track bursts with fiesta vibes, layering brightp trumpets, lively accordion, rhythmic guitars, and a playful violin for an infectious sound. Its spirited melody and upbeat tempo are perfect for injecting joy into any Mexican celebration: Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day, or even high-en...

Happy Whistle (Acoustic Ukulele Children)

Happy and relaxing acoustic audio track perfect to set an optimistic mood in your project! This track featuring ukulele guitars, emotional piano, percussion and strings. Suitable for any projects, including corporate presentations, lifestyle and travel, tutorials, family videos, web, app, game, radi...

Percussion (For All Seasons)

Upbeat energetic and powerful percussion track with an upbeat & tribal vibe. Powerful, energetic, rhythmic and upbeat background percussion music with massive stomps, claps, and snaps. Fits for tech videos, process videos, lego videos, presentations, beauty vlogs and more.


Positive and happy music for your magical videos, commercials, television, business presentation and more..

Funk (Astral Dance)

Here’s some cool beats and funky guitars. Good solution for TV-shows, cinema production, advertising, travel videos, commercials, comedy, dynamic events, corporate projects, car videos, movie trailers, radio, urban videos, presentations, promotions, vlogs, fashion, games, youtube videos, cooking s...

Logo Intro Jazz

A jazz intro with swing, with an upbeat, positive mood for your intro video projects. Band brass, bass, drums. Let’s create together!

Simple Happy Inspiring Background

'Simple Happy Inspiring Background' is a happy, simple, upbeat, uplifting, motivational, inspiring and acoustic background. This simple background music track consist of acoustic piano, pizzicato violin, viola, cello and triangle. This track works great as a background for commercials, ads, corpor...

Fun Guitar Swing

Upbeat and Quirky Gypsy Jazz track for your project! It features a guitar, violin, upright bass, drums, piano and human whistling. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, video, background and video game. Enjoy!

Jazzy Sitcom Stinger Transition 1

Jazzy and playful music stinger designed for comedy shows, hilarious cues, cartoons and animations. Retro Big Band swing sound, with brass, flute, drums and vibraphone. The purpose of this stinger is to provide a smooth flow to a story like in a sitcom, with a nice and funny transition from one scen...

Waiting Room

Quirky and slightly comic music with a playful and mischievous mood. Hesitant plucky pizzicato strings and crispy hip hop drums for a curious, inquiring tone. Perfect for casual videogames, trivia, daytime, game and reality tv shows.

Comedy Time

Playful and entertaining orchestral music for funny scenes and comic situations. Pizzicato strings, xylophone, mandolins, brass section for comedy shows, humorous cues or children-oriented productions. |
Yann Keerim
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