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Figure It Out (Sting)

This is a great guitar and piano track with a driving backbeat. The B section brings a nice climax towards the end and adds contrast to the color of the track. A must for commercials that are energizing and require serious, convincing dialogue. Similar to Coldplay. Rocker.

The Heist

This one is a nice, groovy funk track. It features an Upright bass, some horns and tons of percussion! Perfect for commercial, advertisements, heist movies or trailers and other video content. Enjoy!

Somber Ambient Piano Trailer

Real doomer track for your project! It features piano, strings, percussion and lots of ambient tones to make your video deep, mysterious and emotional. Perfect for trailers and video games but will also do nicely for any other content in need of the right mood. Enjoy!

Relaxing Chillhop

Nice lo-fi hip-hop track for your project! It features piano, nice beat and some other secret ingredients. It`s calm, relaxing and potentially a great background for your vlog, youtube video, intro or any other content. Enjoy!

Fun Jazz Manouche

Fresh and Bouncy Gypsy Jazz track for your project! It features acoustic guitar, piano, drums, upright bass and some sleigh bells to get things going. Nice and Easy, with a Christmassy feel it`s great for commercials, ads, youtube, special events or other projects. Enjoy!

Chill Out (Relaxed Pop, Beautiful Guitar, Romantic Music)

An emotional chill track has magic atmosphere. It has great romantic sounds, nice pads, guitar and keys. Perfect for landscapes, love story, emotional and romantic projects, websites, youtube videos, tutorials, slideshows, relaxing, nature, and other. Also, this item has a loop, short and edit versi...

Bright Christmas Morning

Nice and Uplifting Stylish track for your project! Featuring pizzicato strings, woodwinds, percussion, harp, glockenspiel and, of course, sleigh bells it is Perfect for any christmassy commercial, add, youtube video, or just as an occasional background track Enjoy!

Aggressive Trailer Rock

MASSIVE Trailer Rock track for your project! It`s hard, it`s nice and groovy, it`s also a bit scary (just to be fair), but it doesn`t make the track less usable by a stretch! The track itself features electric guitars, drums, bass, some percussion and a wee bit of trailer goodness so that it sounds ...

Funny Little Drama

A nice classical piece for your project! It features pizzicato strings, woodwinds and some orchestral percussion. A perfect background for video game, movie, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Inspiring Chill

Strict corporate track. Space sounds, guitar delay, nice piano sound. perfect for infographics and other corporate videos.

Tea Party

Image a living kettle working in a cosy kitchen preparing everything for a nice afternoon tea. Boiling water, baking cookies & muffins, getting al the tea cups and cutlery in order on the rolling tray. With the barrel organ, pizzicatos and flutes it's a happy tune that kids will love.

The Coffee Bar

A nice slow paced waltz with the entourage of a small French coffee bar where people meet, talk and connect. Some real French cafe background noises are added in the beginning and the end. It's with celeste-like instruments and a French accordeon.

Bright Funky Ident

Easy bright audio logo consisting of marimba, celeste, bass and percussive elements.

Inspiring Happy Piano Dream

Inspiring Happy Piano Dream is a motivating, romantic and cinematic royalty free piano track with grand piano, optional glockenspiel, orchestral bass and triangle. It will work perfect for ads, commercials, Youtube videos, films, wedding, corporate and explaining videos and many other application. ...

Powerful Rock Trailer

Action powerful sports rock featuring massive electric guitar riffs and stomps. Perfect for trailers, games, radio and tv projects or adverts
Yann Keerim
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