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Soft low-fi track. A little sad, very romantic. Like a lullaby. Perfect for voice acting fashion scenes or love stories. Trip-hop elements and violins and grungy guitars give the track a unique sound.


It was my intention with this piece to quickly surprise the listener, taking her/him to quite a different world and mood. It is one of those pieces of mine where the bassline is what actually becomes the melody. The lack of a clear upfront melody is what gives me the freedom to create music that is ...


This track has a calm, measured pace and magic! Celeste, music box and bells set the magical mood. Suitable for Christmas video, Christmas history, Christmas morning, Christmas evening, holidays, surprises and family videos, tender and children's projects, New Year videos, as well as for many beau...

Christmas Story

Christmas story – magical track that will create a festive mood and inspire you for good deeds! Ideal for Christmas videos, Christmas, New Year’s purchases, children’s videos, cartoons, children’s parties Christmas promos, Christmas releases, Christmas frames, Christmas slideshows, Christmas...

Do Not Stop

Cheerful positive indie rock track. Very energetic and a bit hooligan. This track perfectly captures the spirit of youth. You are the best, you are the highest. Be different. Surprise! Do not stop.

Epic Trailer for Horror

A powerful, alarming epic track using electronic sounds, a string section, horror effects (sub FX) and a cinematic rhythm section. This is a good choice for trailers, horror, advertising, games, action videos and other projects.

Epic Horror Trailer

Modern, epic Hollywood style trailer with huge scary impacts and depressing atmosphere. You can hear creepy mood full of suspense, glitchy modern sound design, hybrid soundscapes and textures, killer drops and heart stopping surprises, sinister and apocalyptic sounds. Perfect for TV and game trailer...
Yann Keerim
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