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Synthetic Blitz

Fast & Energetic Scifi Synthwave track with muted guitars, punchy synth leads, arps & pulses, and a driving groove. Action and heavy vibe. Key of Dm. great for TV/Film Theme or soundtrack, commercials/ads, or Sports/Action content

Rising Business

Instrumental uplifting corporate music composed for pianos, acoustic, muted and electric guitars, synthesizers, strings and glockenspiel, ideal for advertising, commercials and promos. Also fits perfectly to any happy and positive scenes and situations in any projects.

Abstract Corporate Tech Background

'Abstract Corporate Tech Background' is a calm, electronic abstract ambient background track, consisting of synthesizers, pads, pluck sounds, drums and bass. The track is suitable for technological videos, commercials, explainers, tech tutorials, as a film or movie background, as an intro, traile...

Upbeat and atmospheric pop-electronic

Upbeat and atmospheric pop-electronic. Cool for video games, action or chases in a movie. A track with a determined guitar.

Uptempo electronic track

Head back in time with this uptempo electronic track featuring eighties synthesizers and a drum machine. Great for TV, Film and Video Games in need of that retro sound.

Slow beat and atmospheric pop-electronic

Slow beat and atmospheric pop-electronic. Cool for video games, action or chases in a movie. A track with a determined guitar.

A positive and energetic modern pop track

A positive and energetic modern pop track featuring electric guitars, piano, bass, drums, and synthesizers. You can use this track as a background in your videos, slideshows, TV or radio advertising, podcast, viral marketing or any project that requires a fun and uplifting sound.

Travel Light

Very special indy-synth-pop track. Perfect for travel, coocking, kids and other have-fun videos.

The Infinity of Paradise

This is a track with a smooth and positive sound. Soft piano with strings on top, violin, cymbals, orchestral percussion, horns, bass synthesizers.


Disco track with atmospheric sound, soft synthesizers and voice hooks.

On the Blade

The blade track is dark and deep with character. The track is full of determination and deep consciousness. Synthesizers, low percussion, and cinematics effects.

Boiling Blood

Powerful suspenseful track featuring razor sharp guitars, hard-hitting percussive sounds draped in nervous synthesizers. Will work very well in games, trailers or any other media seeking tense musical underscoring.

Robotic Technology

80's style music with brilliant sounding synthesizers, ideal for innovative corporate video projects, tech research, etc.

Annihilation of the Doomed

Aggressive dark trailer track featuring heavy guitars, pounding percussion, pulsing synthesizers set towards a dramatic orchestral background.

Lock And Load

Dark hard-hitting trailer track featuring toxic sounding synthesizers, guitars, heavy percussion and ominous sound design. The build-up and segmentation in different parts enables editors to easily navigate the cues they need.

Flash In The Pan // Dark Horror Stranger Things Style

Dark and daunting track inspired by the TV show Stranger Things. Featuring synthesizers, percussions hits, sound fx and clock sound effect. Perfect for trailers, dark or horror movies, scary scenes, videos games...

Uplifting Electronic Anthem

Epic inspirational electronic theme consisting of synthesizers, piano, beats and more. Perfect to complement your corporate video, commercial or other media production. The theme brings a lot of energy, excitement and richness.

Adrenaline for the Wicked

Dark and heavy suspenseful background track featuring synthesizers, strings and percussive elements.

Shining Star Loop

30 seconds seamless loop instrumental peaceful ambient music composed for synthesizers, piano, sound efx and synth plucks and pads, ideal for relaxation, spa and yoga. Also great for space travel in documentaries, films, slideshows and tv series.

World of Happiness Loop

30 seconds seamless loop instrumental uplifting music composed for acoustic, muted and electric guitars, piano, strings, glockenspiel, synthesizers and lo-fi electronic drums, perfect background for commercials, advertising and promos. Also ideal for any productions with optimistic and very positive...

Star Dreams Loop

45 seconds seamless loop instrumental peaceful electronic ambient music composed for synthesizers, piano, glocks and sound efx, ideal for relaxation, meditation, spa and yoga. Also great for contemplative and inspirational space and underwater scenes in documentaries and nature slideshows.
Yann Keerim
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