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Autumn Memories Talkover

A slightly melancholic string selection meets spicy synth arpeggios. Served with a smile for corporate films, commercials.

Autumn Memories

A slightly melancholic string selection meets spicy synth arpeggios. Served with a smile for corporate films, commercials.

Keep Moving Forward

Positive and upbeat corporate dance with great and rich synth melodies that will give your project a motivational feel. This instrumental background song features tasteful synthesizer sound and beat. Well-suited for technology, design or young corporate lifestyle.

Piano Orchestral Logo

Inspiring corporate logo with rich arrangement. You can hear whole orchestra, piano and drums. This logo can be best solution for corporate identity, for the old and famous brands that want emphasize their adherence to traditions. This logo is also can be great ident for radio and TV shows, Youtube ...

Acoustic Positive Romantic

It`s an acoustic romantic music theme with real acoustic guitar, rich sounding piano and sweet violins. Mood of item is calming, dreamy and lovely. Ideal for storytelling, romantic wedding slideshows, sentimental cinema moments, ads with childrens, health media projects, family oriented commercials...

Raindrops and Tears

Emotional and slow epic track, very melodic and beautifully enriched with big strings, male and female epic vocals, rather somber, reflective and nostalgic. Accentuated with percussion, this track is ideally suitable for evoking big emotions, can accompany cinematic trailer and long aerial shots as ...


Suspensful and adventagous tensed track, very musically engaging and vibrant. More on the dark and eery side, the track evolves into a strong heroic theme with brass, pulsating strings and percussion. Very anticipating and wide orchestrated. Ideal for pressing cues, suspense, and those gloomy moment...

White Walls

Classical and emotional rich track, soft and beautifully dressed within a narrow orchestration. Driven by vibrant strings, fluent brass and the grand piano. Mid part intensifies in arrangement and sets the stage for a bigger, higher and ore glorious adventagous sound. Closure is realized in the pian...


Beautiful emotional and very melodic track that features big orchestra, lush strings and sets a romantic atmosphere. Ideal for emotional background, underscore or documentary.

World In Trouble

Big emotional epic track with large orchestra. Very rich in orchestration and the use of accentuated texture. Dynamically varied in tension and drama, the chord progression is accompanied by orchestral percussion and progressing rhythmic patterns. Together with the emotional heroic melody in the sil...

Law Of Nations

Beautiful epic track with percussive elements. Ideal for impact and big picture. Melodic in the brass section and emphasized by trailer hits. Middle part towards the end with lush strings and big orchestra accompanied by short violins. Rather uplifting, positive and progressing. Ideal for uplift and...

Open The Gates

Modern epic track with many hybrid elements such as synthezizer effects, bass instruments and big trailer hits. Very vibrant and edging, accompanied by big lush strings and a rich hollywood sound. This track is very melodic and beautifully dressed with accentuated strings and percussion, ending in a...

Into Oblivion

Heroic melody with big orchestra. Rich in orchestration through warm silky strings, sublime choir and elegant orchestration, accompanied in parts by a progressing piano. The romantic nature of this track is supported by emphasized percussion patterns and short strings. Ideal for emotional content, b...

Dreams Travel Fast

Modern orchestral and melodic track with big orchestra, long silky strings and choir. Romantically dressed with piano and percussive drums, this track can neatly serve to accommodate underscore, progressive pictures or colour nature scenes or documentary. Together with the subtle drama building up t...

Between Two Worlds

Lush, melodic and emotional epic track with a modern mix, big percussion and big finally with choir and brass. Beautiful melodic passages that create a rich and heroic atmosphere, surrounded by percussive trailer hits.


A wonderful uplifting orchestral composition enriched with a piano and acoustic guitar tunes!

Living the Dream - sting

This rock, or pop track sends a powerful message of hope and a bright outlook on life. You will feel the need to get up and dance and clap your hands. Guaranteed to refresh your day. Elements of Cold Play can be heard in the B section to contrast the main melody. Great and steady uplifting sound. Ha...
Yann Keerim
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