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The Faded Curtains Remind Me of Home

The strings and synth are in the foreground on this track. Every note and layer was carefully structured to evoke moods of joy and sadness. This track would work well in a melancholy, reflective scene.

Edvard Grieg - Morning Mood

A wonderful, fully orchestrated, royalty free version of Edvard Grieg's very famous "Morning Mood" theme from the Peer-Gynt-Suite. It fit's great to many documentary projects, ideal for films and cartoons, to signify sunrise, or daybreak and the overall tone is one of calm and tranquility, also for...

Morning On The Farm

This song has a real story. A life story, or maybe a love story. Easy catchy folk motif and pleasant groove make this composition so attractive. Upbeat fun guitar music with stomp and whistle. Good for party, children and promo projects.

Sunny Day

Emotional and joyful track featuring piano, shaker pad and strings. Positive mood ideal for commercial and motivational projects. Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, youtube, technology, inspirational videos, and any project.

Love's song

Once again, there is a sudden mood swing, with a composition of mine that draws mainly from the Eastern musical traditions. It is a melody that I wrote one morning and recorded most of the bass parts that same evening. I was so glad to have Fotini Kokkala on the kanun, Giannis Poulios on the violin ...
Yann Keerim
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