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Love Dreams

Soft and relaxing music for commercials, fashion videos, and emotional videos.

New World

The discovery of a new planet, a new world with plains and mountains as far as the eye can see. Ideal music for video projects of large spaces and landscapes.

Cinematic Interstellar

Cinematic Interstellar is a cinematic ambient piano and pads in crescendo. For documentaries, Sci Fy movies, space movies…

Dance of the Galaxy

The stars dance to this rhythm. Let yourself be tempted to illustrate your videos on this intergalactic journey.

Rainy Day Jazz

Relaxing and delicate piano bar jazz music for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Elegant sound with piano, double bass and soft drums. When you find yourself in a very chic hotel or in a cool restaurant.

The Timeless Machine

The swirling celestial mechanics invade the space. Let yourself be taken in this whirlwind to illustrate your audiovisual projects.

Secret City

Ambient, motivating and inspiring track. Recommended for slide shows, documentary videos, advertising and fashion events, travel shows.

Cool Groove

Music for corporate presentations, slideshows, product promotion, advertisements, demonstrations and other media projects.


Strings, orchestral, piano, pizzicato. good music for advertising and more.


Big sound, energetic, perfect for commercials, showreels, fashion shows, motivational and inspiring videos, movie soundtrack.


An emotional and melancholic lo-fi, chill music track. It features nostalgic electric guitars, a classic hip-hop beat, dusty drum grooves, distinct, choppy vocal sample effects, retro scratch, and revolving synths. Perfect for design projects, art work exhibition/presentation, photo slideshow, relax...

Tragic Event

This is a tragic and sorrowful piano tune with a deep emotional atmosphere and dark dramatic sound. Good background for sad videos, grievous loss, funeral events, despair and hopelessness videos, heroic death, prayers, memorial videos, and many more.

When It Rains It Pours

Chill and laidback hip hop background music, with a backdrop of rainy nature sounds. A cool piano part, mixed with chopped vocals, airy synths and guitars and a slick bass line! Perfect for fashion videos, travel videos, Vlogs, drone footage, cooking videos and more! 3 versions available!

Together Forever

Sweet and romantic melody in waltz. Created using piano, bells, music box and guitar.

I am not alone

Sentimental, lyrical melody played on piano. Also there is a violin and flute. Perfect for your video memories.

Chill Lofi Hip Hop

Chill and laidback lofi hip hop track with an urban swing! Piano samples, vocal chops, smooth guitars and groovy beat, perfect for Vlogs, fashion, drone and landscape footage, cooking videos and more!
Yann Keerim
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