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Dark Western Trailer

This one is an epic trailer track for your content. It is slow, dark and a bit aggressive with really determined and gloomy vibe. A great fit for a commercial, advertisement, blog, vlog, intro, outro, video game and loads of other types of content. It features some live humming vocals (no lyrics), s...

Calm Acoustic Guitar and Piano

Bright track for a bright content! This piece of magic here features a couple of acoustic guitars, piano, shakers, drums and quite a few other little details that complete it. It`s calm, uplifting and absolutely positive. Great choice for commercials, advertisements, vlogsblogs, introoutros, cooking...

Longings of The Heart

A beautiful, inspiring and calm solo piano music piece, with dreamy vibes, suitable for romantic love stories, weddings, slideshows, meditative, or emotional content.

Love Never Fails

A gorgeous, mid tempo piano driven cinematic theme, with fabulous live strings, ideal for romantic Valentine's day, emotional, intimate, or nostalgic scenarios.

Warm Acoustic Guitar Background

A beautiful organic acoustic guitar track, featuring delicate picking, soft tones and authentic fret noises. Styled for background and underscore in calm, contemplative, emotional or romantic scenes. Documentary, feature film, ad, commercial, corporate, youtube, wedding video. Cowboy, camp fire, pro...

Fiery Tango

A passionate and melodic Tango track that features a string quartet, an acoustic guitar, a trumpet, and percussion. It is great for movies, films, documentaries, advertisements, commercials, and more.

Edgy Contingency

Hold on to the edge with this contemporary strings, piano, and percussion piece! Featuring tense solo violin and cello, coupled with piercing orchestral strings and raw percussive elements. Useful in suspenseful documentaries and trailers with building tension.

Sentimental Sunday

A sweet and relaxing jazz cocktail track with jazz guitar, double bass, and brushes. Elegant, cozy, and endearing. Great as source music, tv/film background cocktail or lounge settings, romantic content, and travel vlogs.

Cradle Me Right

Sappy dual solo jazz guitar ballad reminiscent of 50s love songs. Tremolo guitars create this dreamy romantic vibe great for TV/Film and ads that need a romantic touch

Modern Deep House EDM/Dance track

Modern Deep House EDM/Dance track with Festival Feel. The Vibrant track is full of life and fun. Sunshine Feel, The track can be used in Cues for Beach parties, Summer festivals, Festivals, Fashion Shows, Corporate Product Placements, Presentations etc.


Hopeful is a warm and pleasant emotional piano melody, with inspiring mood, background strings and pizzicato double bass. Perfect for YouTube, presentations, wedding videos, anniversary, story telling and more!

Hidden Symmetry (Intro)

This is the first piece of the album, although not the first one that I started working on. I was writing short pieces for 6 double basses and this one seemed to fit right in what I was looking for as an intro to the album. It is all based on a single motif that slowly evolves through the counterpoi...

Happy Romantic Story

Romantic, inspiring atmosphere. In this third I used cinematic and corporate elements - melody, chords, reef. Rhythmic viola provides movement and energy. An air piano, long violins and a gentle flute create a feeling of happiness. Powerful bass and drums add grandeur. The track is perfect for slid...
Yann Keerim
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