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A slow and gentle track to ease your stress. Perfect for nature, nostalgia, relaxation, meditation, YouTube and much more.

The First Noel

An emotional and dramatic rendition of a christmas classic with chamber strings and piano. Heartfelt and spiritual, a beautiful thematic holiday track ideal for seasonal programming, drama, family, and holiday vlogs.

Enchanted Lake

A soft and ethereal music-box like pad melody, creating a relaxing and enchanting atmosphere. Great for background music in children videos, presentations or other projects requiring a calm and sentimental touch.

Light From Within

loopable heartwarming sweet acoustic track with acoustic guitars. Suitable for happy, cheerful content and family programs

Blue Skies Forever

loopable positive sweet acoustic track with dual acoustic guitars. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Bright Eyes

loopable Positive uplifting acoustic track with acoustic guitars. Great for travel and vlogging content, tv/film programming, and ads/commercials

Countryside Lovin

A mellow & sincere loopable country folk guitar duo track with shaker. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

The Warmest Color

Future Bass track with a summer relaxing vibe. Bouncy drums, acoustic guitars and synth pluck & keys. Reflective and positive atmosphere

Sentimental Sunday

A sweet and relaxing jazz cocktail track with jazz guitar, double bass, and brushes. Elegant, cozy, and endearing. Great as source music, tv/film background cocktail or lounge settings, romantic content, and travel vlogs.

Romantic Spanish Guitar 3

Elegant and romantic solo classical spanish guitar with alternate tuning for a dronelike hypnotic progression that is nostalgic and endearing. great for travel, lifestyle, reality TV, documentaries, history and discovery programming

Romantic Spanish Guitar 2

Haunting and romantic solo spanish guitar duo track. Emotional and dramatic vibe. Melancholy and poignant. Great for TV/Film underscore and corporate content

Romantic Spanish Guitar 1

Emotional, sensual, & romantic flamenco spanish guitar serenade that's beautifully arranged perfect for Intimate, dramatic, and passionate scenes. great for travel, drama, and leisure content

Quality Folks

Country folk track with an uplifting reflective vibe. Acoustic and electric guitar with percussion. Motivational and inspiring suitable for travel programming, americana content, and TV/Film drama

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

A poignant classic christmas song rendition with tremolo guitar, orchestra, and bells. Serene, festive & heartwarming vibe great for family, drama, and seasonal oriented programming

Moments Of Clarity

Solemn and inspirational organic folk track with acoustic guitar, ambient pads, light percussion, and vocal hums. Surreal peaceful vibe that progressively builds. Great for tv/film montages, slice of life programming, and travel content

Life Matters

Inspirational piano underscore track, Key of A Major, emotional slice of life vibe, uplifting and motivational. Great for commercials and ads, emotional content, and corporate programming

Ghost Of You

Emotional and reflective piano & orchestral based track. Has a somber sad reminiscing feel but turns uplifting and positive at the end. Great as theme song for TV/Film & documentary underscore

Folk Guitar Ditty No 1

A mellow & sincere country folk guitar trio track with acoustic guitars and shaker. Countryside backroads vibe that’s chill and sentimental. Good for docuseries, infomercials, ads, and nature travel themed content

Childhood Dreams

Classical style music box piece that’s poignant and heartwarming. Suitable for dramatic content, childrens programming, and source music for film/TV
Yann Keerim
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