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Bright Ideas

A happy uplifting song with inspirational piano melodies and heartwarming acoustic guitars. Supported by background orchestral strings, bass and sparkling percussion. Captivating emotions of love, optimism and hope to engage your audience in a positive way.

You Care for Me

A tender, kind hearted, and romantic country ballad. With an organic sound, acoustic folk guitar, upright bass, Wurlitzer piano and soft brushes. Optimistic melody on the piano and beautiful sentimental harmonies.

Promising Days

Catchy and melodic acoustic folk type track with an optimistic feel featuring warm acoustic guitar, pretty piano, dulcimer and lively upbeat percussion. Evokes feelings of strength, confidence, optimism and happiness. Perfect for vlogs, podcasts, commercials, advertising, corporate video, background...

Warm Acoustic Morning

A heartwarming, uplifting and inspiring optimistic track featuring warm acoustic guitar, beautiful piano and soft, upbeat drums. Evokes feelings of love and kindness, sharing with loved ones, working together to rebuild and general situations of positivity. Perfect for corporate video background, co...

There's A Place I Will Miss

A relationship, bright and easy and loving, but then love goes away. The need to blame, especially another party who may have helped to end everything. That feeling of losing someone close and trying to hold it together, living through the grief and the feeling of death that pervades all.


Soft and romantic mellow acoustic track mainly comprises a lightly fingerpicked acoustic guitar accompanied by finger clicking. Positive and optimistic music.

Happy Mushroom Kids Fun

Friendly uplifting children's theme arranged with marimba, strings and woodwinds. The classical regal touch gives this short piece a magical, fairytale vibe and therefor it could well be used in commercials, theme parks, cartoons, animations or any production seeking a happy tone. This piece has...

Loving Memories

A feel good, inspiring royalty free music piece, with floating piano, a pulsing beat, ambient vocals, guitars, pads, and strings, best for slideshows, vlogs, romantic videos, or weddings. Versions included: 2:56
Yann Keerim
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