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Hip Hop Chill

Hip Hop Chill is a cool, stylish hip-hop beat that has a bopping, groovy feel. It features a variety of samples like a background electric guitar riff, triumphant, vintage trumpets, atmospheric vocal effects and a shaker for percussion. Perfect for vlogs, urban videos, street footage, travel videos,...

Happy Day

Happy Day is a cheerful folk track that creates positivity and joyful emotions. It features fun ukulele, chirpy whistles, jingling glockenspiel, bells, piano chords, bass guitar, percussion, shaker, brass, and trombone. Style: Bright ukulele music with a folksy feel. Carefree children music. M...

Seize The Day (Inspiring Motivational Uplifting)

Seize The Day (Inspiring Motivational Uplifting) is the kind of music that makes you feel like everything is possible and inspires you to make the best of this moment. There is a purpose and the sky is the limit! It features reverberating piano echoes, synths that sound like water drops, drums and d...

Emotion In Motion (Inspirational Summer Dance Acoustic)

Summer Vibes is an upbeat dance-pop track with beautiful acoustic guitar elements with strong emotion. It features an uplifting dance beat, inspiring synths, shaker, acoustic guitar embellishment and chords. Style: Electronic (Electro-Pop), Promotional (Fun, Exciting), Fashion (Glossy, Party), Pop ...

Acoustic Rock Ballad

Acoustic Rock Ballad is a bright and positive acoustic guitar track in the folk rock style. It is an uplifting and inspiring anthem. It features an acoustic guitar, slide guitar, bass and a shaker for percussion. Perfect for documentaries, sentimental, emotional projects, romantic projects, commerci...

Carefree Celebration

Carefree Celebration is a bubbly reggae track that puts a smile on your face. It features upbeat electric guitars, choppy rhodes piano, bouncy reggae drums and drum fills, bass guitar, shaker, amusing brass and cheery flute. Style: Music for kids. Fun vlog. Quirky comedy. Mood: Cheerful fun and po...
Yann Keerim
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