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What's In That Bag Santa?

Retro original Christmas song about Santa Claus. What treasures does the fat man hold in that magical sack of his? Sleigh bells, 70s singers, country guitar and Nashville sound back them up.

Operador Suave

loopable Sensual Latin Pop acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars and shaker. Great for travel vlogs, lifestyle tv/film, and commercials/ads

Countryside Lovin

A mellow & sincere loopable country folk guitar duo track with shaker. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Spanish Showdown

Spanish flamenco loopable track with duo spanish guitars & castanets. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

Folk Guitar Ditty No 1

A mellow & sincere country folk guitar trio track with acoustic guitars and shaker. Countryside backroads vibe that’s chill and sentimental. Good for docuseries, infomercials, ads, and nature travel themed content

Cool Again

Cool Again is a super groovy and funky track that features guitars, bass, drums, shakers, tambourine, organ, synths. Perfect for Kickstarter campaigns, commercials, business projects, vacation videos, vlogs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, fashion, radio, TV, films, trailers, a...

Cheerful Piano

A cheerful swinging track played with Drums, Double Bass, Piano, Mandoline, Glockenspiel, Shaker, Tambourine and Pizzicato Strings. Perfect for advertisements, films, movies etc. It motivates and makes everybody feel a bit better.

El Caribe

A gentle Caribbean Calypso styled tune with shakers, steel drums, nylon guitar, synth, drums, very light vocals, all that will put you in the mood to vacation to the islands.

Latin Pop Percussion Groove

Percussion track combining a cool blend of traditional latin congas, bongos, shakers and a modern funky drum beat. Uplifting, punchy and very danceable, this groovy track is great as background music for web videos, travel, cultural and adventure shows.

Sunny Day

Emotional and joyful track featuring piano, shaker pad and strings. Positive mood ideal for commercial and motivational projects. Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, youtube, technology, inspirational videos, and any project.


Comedy, curious, orchestral track which brings curiosity and mystery. It’s kinda funny too!
Yann Keerim
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