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Secret Love (Nostalgic Piano and Orchestra)

A calm and melodic piano with soft orchestra background, a melancholic oboe melody and an emotional orchestra finale. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.

Empty Hourglass

Soft piano and strings background with a sparse violins melody, creating a calm and slow moving atmosphere. Great for background music in films, presentations, videos and other emotional content.

Stuck in a Moment

A soft piano track with strings background, creating a nostalgic and emotional vibe, ideal for wedding scenes, films, presentations and various other sentimental content.

Your Hand in Mine

A soft piano and strings track with a sentimental and nostalgic atmosphere, ideal for background music in presentations, films, wedding videos and other emotional content.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel is an ambient, electronic, mystical track with atmospheric pads, airy plucks, glitchy beats and different electronic movements. It`s good for ads, scientific or tech vlogs, documentaries, promo videos, podcast and videos about beauty of our world. Available in Full, Short, Loop, 60 and 30...

Dreaming and Hopeful

An inspiring and hopeful track using mellow piano, emotive choir, and soft strings that's ideal for dreamy projects like arts and crafts, natural wonders and scenery, and for projects like inspiring and motivational statements. Full version: 2:15 60-second version: 0:59

Inspiring Chill

Strict corporate track. Space sounds, guitar delay, nice piano sound. perfect for infographics and other corporate videos.

Sacrifice (Emotional Orchestral)

A very sentimental track, starting with a piano and flute melody, evolving to a full orchestral emotional climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos and wherever an emotional atmosphere is needed.

Peace of Mind (Romantic Cinematic)

A peaceful melody, introduced by piano and oboe, creating a sentimental atmosphere, evolving into a full orchestral theme reaching an inspiring climax. Great for background music in videos, love scenes, presentations, or whenever a soft and romantic atmosphere is needed.

What A Wonderful Ride

This is a royalty-free orchestral ballad featuring a gentle piano melody with lush strings. The mood is calm and nostalgic. Perfect for home movies, presentations, and a lot more.

Following The Sun

Following The Sun is a dreamy and romantic cinematic composition with piano and strings. This sensitive and peaceful track can be used for videos about love, nature / sea visuals, movies, intros or documentaries, different social media projects etc. Available in Full, Short, Loop, Logo and 60 sec ed...

Heartfelt Emotional Accordion

Beautiful, expressive solo accordion motifs, very authentically performed. Styled for heartfelt opener, jingle, intro, stinger, logo, ident or any kind of intimate, longing scene. Gipsy wedding, balkan party, eastern flavour, overwhelming emotions, real feelings, regret, family honor, nostalgic.

Slow River

A slow and peaceful piano track with choir and strings. This is ideal for meditation, nature, time-lapse photography, background music and much more!

Voice of my Heart

A soft and romantic piano melody with a touch of ethereal pads and celeste. Great for background music in films, videos, emotional scenes and various sentimental content.

What Did They Die For (Orchestral Anthem)

An anthemic orchestral track, creating a melancholic and at the same time dramatic and heroic atmosphere. Great for background music in films, documentaries, videos or other emotional content.

Emotional Heartfelt Piano

An emotional piece of love primarily using piano and backed by choir and strings for a feeling that's ideal for romantic scenes in movies and projects like confessions, Mother's Day dedication videos, and weddings. Four versions are available: Full version - 2:51 60-second version - 0:59 30-second ...
Yann Keerim
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