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Stand Down

Hip hop style with sampled vocals. Defeated and negative undertones that starts with acoustic guitar and groovy drum pattern. Great for TV/Film and ads that need a dark sad urban vibe

Galactic Showdown

Trailer-esque cinematic drums with ominous and tense vibes. Track builds to a crescendo with taikos, metals, whooshes and risers. Great for epic content, sports, action and adventure, scifi, and crime investigative programming.

Epic Drum Tension

Epic thunderous cinematic drums track with traileresque battle vibe. Big orchestral taiko percussion and french horn stabs with hybrid synth textures. Great for film/TV and epic documentaires

Defeated Soul

Tension cue full of sadness and defeat. Synth textures and piano guitar melody lines encompass this underscore style track. Somber vibe great for TV/Film underscore or theme song

Burning Man March

EDM march in a celebratory and patriotic vibe with choir hums and synth leads to create a modern hipster feel. Great for corporate ads, news and current affairs, and infomercials

Subcutaneous // Suspense and Tension Drama Black-Ops Trailer

Subcutaneous is inspired by the action & drama TV show "Treadstone". Suspense and tension before moving into a rock action groove at 0'27. It ends on a perfect snap to maintain the suspense and make you want to know more. Perfect for trailers, TV / film dramas involving spies, terrorists and underc...

Bravest Honor // American Military Army Cinematic Trailer Opening 4Th July

Bravest Honor is a patriotic emotional orchestral track with heroic dramatic and motivational mood. Perfect for military army videos, Independence Day, 4Th of July celebration in America, historical documentary film, cinematic production, trailer, opener... Featuring strings, brass, hits, percussio...

Operation Suspense

A dark suspenseful action track driven onward by heavy hitting percussion, the sound of menacing cello's and horns.

Epic Inspiration Motivation Cinematic Piano

Inspirational bright cinematic piano and emotional violins. Add emotion to your project. The track is gradually evolving. Instruments: Symphonic string, Piano Track structure: The track consists of 9 parts, each for 15 seconds. 1, 2, parts - are the intro. 3, 4, 5, parts - Solo piano, violins ar...

Military Epic Percussion

A rising epic tribal drums. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, epic videos, military projects and so on.

The Epic Battle

Powerful epic cinematic track for battle, chase or any action scene. Perfect for any kind of video!
Yann Keerim
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