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Our Inner Fear

A dissonant, disturbing and creepy drone, which transports the mood of a nightmare. It's usinng hybrid soundscapes, creepy orchestral percussion, high orchestral strings, spooky voice pads and low rumbling noise. Great for horror movies, and games as well as for fantasy movies and games.


An epic, dramatic and inspiring music. Perfect for films, commercials, youtube video’s, movie intro’s & title sequences, games, etc.


Horrifying, worrisome track with piano, piccicato violins, strings. Perfect for investigation, kidnapping, search scenes, detective movies and more.

Lurking Fear

A dark and atmospheric orchestral piece. Conveys danger, uniseaness and nightmares. Great fit for horror and thriller productions or anything that needs an unnerving and dark background music.

Nightmare Lane

A dark, creepy and unnerving track featuring disturbing cellos and violins techniques, ethereal choirs and other dark sfx. Great fit for horror, thriller and scary productions or any project that needs an ominous background music.

Haunted Violins

Very lively and powerful chamber string piece for suspenseful and moody productions. It is played in a contemporary style and features fast string spiccatos, powerful double bass and cellos and an evolving tension with different strong and virtuostic string sections. Great fit to create a tense and...

a Nightmare: Dark Atmospheres

This is a dark ambient soundscape that features numerous eerie electronic flourishes and synth. Eliciting a haunting, scary vibe, this is a very versatile instrumental. This clip could help in cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, film projects, radio bits, commercials, tutorials, introd...

Orchestral Horror Rise

This orchestral rise is perfect for the horror game or horror movie genre. It creates tension and makes you feel like something evil is coming closer. It ends with two big hits.


An epic orchestral score, builds tension and ends with a big climax. It's perfect for film scores, trailers and video games.

We Are Alive

Deep bass drone with male voice singing a dramatic war cry. This dramatic music is perfect for movies, documentaries and video games relating to war and destruction.

Slightly Doomed

An eerie, ambient royalty free cinematic score, with dark strings overlaying a sparse rhythmic backdrop, ideal as an ominous opening theme for horror films, paranormal footage, or games.
Yann Keerim
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