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Stranger Danger

A dark and heavy electropunk track with fast gritty male vocals, driving distorted guitars and bass, and electronic drums and synths. Big, edgy, and angst driven about urban hostility and dangers

Synthetic Blitz

Fast & Energetic Scifi Synthwave track with muted guitars, punchy synth leads, arps & pulses, and a driving groove. Action and heavy vibe. Key of Dm. great for TV/Film Theme or soundtrack, commercials/ads, or Sports/Action content

Quantum Seizure

A grand epic cinematic EDM hybrid track with electronic elements blended with symphonic orchestra. Exhilirating and majestic vibes.suitable for trailers, tv/film action, adventure, or scifi soundtrack or underscore, science & technology documentaries, or any epic programming or vlogs

Kick The Habit

Hard hitting & intense industrial rock with EDM elements. Distorted guitars and synth drones along with driving drum groove. Gritty and powerful suitable for action scenes and sports related content

Industrial Love Song

Cinematic metal with dual guitar leads, thunderous drums and orchestral string section. Has a anthemic feel that is both uplifting and determined. Great for video games, Ads, and TV/Film soundtrack

Galactic Showdown

Trailer-esque cinematic drums with ominous and tense vibes. Track builds to a crescendo with taikos, metals, whooshes and risers. Great for epic content, sports, action and adventure, scifi, and crime investigative programming.

Epic Drum Tension

Epic thunderous cinematic drums track with traileresque battle vibe. Big orchestral taiko percussion and french horn stabs with hybrid synth textures. Great for film/TV and epic documentaires

Electro Pow

EDM track with a nostalgic 90s tension, informative vibes. Climactic feel to the strings and synth arps great for news & current events, infomercials, or corporate business content

Disgruntled Militia

Cinematic metal style with distorted guitar riffs and aggressive string section. Epic, battle type vibe great for video games and action, fantasy, sci fi TV/Film

Defeated Soul

Tension cue full of sadness and defeat. Synth textures and piano guitar melody lines encompass this underscore style track. Somber vibe great for TV/Film underscore or theme song


EDM Synth based track fit for suspense, crime, and intrigue. Tension cue with an eerie investigative vibe great for crime dramas and tv/film theme music

Cavalry Stomp

EDM Big room track with a cinematic medieval march vibe in the middle. Epic vibe great for TV/Film and video games. Orchestral EDM with a twist

Ballistic Chant

Vocal EDM chant style track. Haunting female vocals with electronic drums, ambient pads, and synth bass. Ominous and mysterious vibe great for TV/Film with a modern cinematic theme

Anaheim Chill

EDM chillwave track with hypnotic synth and drum groove. Relaxed calm and chill vibe great for underscore, relaxation meditation, and corporate technology content

Rising Business

Instrumental uplifting corporate music composed for pianos, acoustic, muted and electric guitars, synthesizers, strings and glockenspiel, ideal for advertising, commercials and promos. Also fits perfectly to any happy and positive scenes and situations in any projects.

Succeeding Corporation

Instrumental uplifting corporate music composed for muted, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, sythesizer, glockenspiel and strings, ideal for business, advertising, promos and presentations. Also great as a background for any productions with this kind of upbeat moods.

Future World

Instrumental electronic pop music composed for piano, acoustic and electric guitars, muted guitars, strings, glocks and synthesizer, ideal for presentations, science and technology and commercials.


Chaotic crazy and confident glitchy beat. Perfect for YouTube, cars advertising, electronics, travel blogs, timelapse, stylish presentations and more!

Dark Abstract

Hip-hop track in deep, dark, tribal, urban, underground mood; perfect for timelapse, background, GoPro, backstage, promo, YouTube video.


‘Epilogue’ is exactly what its title suggests. I wanted to bring a closure to this musical exploration with a free improvisation, over a hypnotic set of bowed basses. I thought that it would be nice to finish this album with the feeling that it comes back to where it started, that is with the na...


I have lately been listening to some church choir music from Georgia and Armenia and have been increasingly interested in vocal music from different parts of the world. This interest pushed me to write a short piece for male choir and basses. I find this combination so interesting, with its deep sou...
Yann Keerim
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