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Electro Pow

EDM track with a nostalgic 90s tension, informative vibes. Climactic feel to the strings and synth arps great for news & current events, infomercials, or corporate business content

Party Animal

Energetic and lively dance track with lots of power for impressive projects.


Chaotic crazy and confident glitchy beat. Perfect for YouTube, cars advertising, electronics, travel blogs, timelapse, stylish presentations and more!

Alev’s Dance

This is a composition that I wrote for a collaboration with filmmaker Khaled Tanji. It is a short art film that we actually haven’t made yet, however, I thought that the tone of the piece would really fit the overall concept of the album. It is named after my beloved wife, imagining her starting t...


It was a cold spring night when I plugged in my bass and jammed over this rhythmic loop. It is a rather funky and bluesy little solo, on a single note bass line. I remember listening to a lot of Sly and the Family Stone(One of my favorite Soul/Funk groups) around the days that I played this. As the ...


‘Baseline’, just like ’Up’, is one of those bass-melody experiments. It is a bass that becomes a melody and vice versa. This one was first written on paper, without the use of an instrument, in a more conceptual way. I love using bowed basses to be in unison with the pizzicato ones. It reall...

Frozen Like the Winter

This is a rare song on the album. It talks in Greek about an occupying soldier with burning eyes, who though, is unable to look the occupied in the eye, afraid of feeling compassion. It is based on a groove that I wrote and improvised on and then sent to Dimitris Klonis. What I heard back from him w...


For the third piece of Hane I invited two great musicians and friends. Tamer Temel played soprano and tenor sax and Dimitris Klonis was featured on drums and electronics. It is a composition that sprung out of jamming on a quite polyrhythmic but danceable rhythm. After writing the B and C parts I th...


Geminal is the product of me sending a very basic structure to pianist and keyboardist Leo Genovese. He then contributed to the melodic content of the song. He also sonically defined the piece with his keyboard sounds, bringing in mind those 70s and early 80s Herbie Hancock albums. Once again, my br...

In Between the Lines

‘In Between the Lines' was practically an improvisation, with the several muted basses adding their little bricks to create the construction of the track. After programming an electronic drum beat, I realized that what was missing was the organic element that Sakir could add with his percussion. T...

Summer Fun

Alt-Pop Electronics with guitar positive vibes, lots of synthy keys, with hand claps, and light yeah voices. Perfect for your summer time, feel good videos, advertising and more. Includes Full, Loop, Instrumental, and 60 sec versions.

Friendly Competition in Business

Orchestra and electronics meet via the piano that encapsulates the competition between industry and tech.

nel mio cuore

run towards happiness!!! easy listening electronics, towards discovery and happiness determined and inspirational

Deep Ambient Future - Loop Version

Deep Ambient Future is perfect for any technology, hi-tech and innovation project. Also great for advertising, as a background music, for video games and more. Thanks for listening and purchasing.


Drum and bass composition using a guitar loop, inspired by Van Halen and Appolo 440. Very energetic, driving, with an interesting hole (bridge) and final coda. Perfect for advertising and more. There are two versions in the archive: Space – 2:25 Space Short – 00:18

Funky Step

Energetic and inspiring track, created by means of mixing the two styles: Funk and Disco, which together give a great result. Definitely this track can decorate almost any multimedia project. The composition can be easily cut and divided into parts, which makes it possible to shorten or increase the...

Your Choice

Motivational and exciting corporate track created using electronic and orchestral music. This music is perfect for corporate videos, commercials, home videos and other projects.

Technology Future Background - Loop Version

Background royalty free track in future house style. Perfect for any technology, hi-tech, innovation project. Instruments features: inspired synths, leads, and pads. Mash up between the styles of electronica, house and glitch. Thanks for listening and purchasing.
Yann Keerim
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