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Rise Again

Very heartfelt and melodic emotional epic track. Beautifully accompanied and supported by the bright grand piano, this track evolves into a wide symphonic orchestra piece full of emotions and adventure. Its somber beginning caries the track through lots of nostalgia, rather romantic and reflective, ...

From Zero to Hero

Begin rather murky,- it quickly moves into a bright and engaging track, highlighting accomplishment and success. Second part accompanied by drums and a very bright, jolly and happy tune. Together with the glockenspiel and the military snares, this sets a great feeling of content and uplift. Ideal fo...

Selfmade Pralinees

Short yet magical track, with warm long strings, glockenspiel and jolly melody. Ideal as transition, underscore or show opener, romantic scenes or heart.

Night's Approaching

Very sweet and dreamy melody accompanied by the piano, tender harmony and soft accentuated orchestra. This track takes the idea of sleep, night and darkness but in a joyful and content way. Ideal for romantic spring evenings, or any other heartful moments.

Sweets and Candy

Very happy and joyful track full of beauty, melody and uplift. The track plays with a delightful theme and develops with the full orchestra. Best suited for joyful moments, happy themes or show openers and tv.


Short yet impactful epic trailer track. Very melodic, engaging and impulsive. Ideal for trailer, cinematic underscore or show opener.

The Departure

Modern, cinematic and hybrid trailer track with big drums and impactful strings. Very epic, vibrant, driven by tension and drama, realized with big choir, strings and accentuated long brass as well as short violins.

Into Infinity

Modern and big epic track perfectly suitable for trailer or show opener. Big, impactful and engaging through hybrid orchestra elements and synth instruments. Very tensed and powerful through accentuated percussion and impactful through big trailer hits.

Far Away

Beautiful dressed hybrid orchestra track with accentuated percussion and impactful sounddesign such as risers and trailer hits. Grand dark and a badass mix accompanied by underlying braams and vibrant string arrangements makes this the perfect theme song for villains and action cues.

Towards New Horizons

Modern, quick, big and pulsating action track, very vibrant, industrial and rough accentuated strings. This track is accompanied by a nervous percussion pattern and synthesizer elements. Driving, progressing and large orchestration in the brass section, building up and fierceful. Ideal for impact, e...

Mission Accomplished - Heroic Patriotic Movie Theme

Epic movie trailer music with powerful drum hits, orchestral strings ensemble, guitar, hyped risers. It's relentless, empowering, dark, dramatic. Ideal for cinematic trailers, action teasers, video games, battle scenes, war films, gaming soundtrack.

The Fresh Start

''The Fresh Start'' is a motivational, uplifting corporate track that combines a classic rock setup with orchestral elements. Background music for videos, presentations, corporate videos, business videos, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media, for commercial projects, great for an...

Wonderful World

''Wonderful World'' is a motivational and inspirational pop-rock track for your corporate / presentation projects! Background music for videos, presentations, successful videos, championship adventure commercials, corporate videos, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media, Linkedin,...

Successful Story

’’Successful Story” is a motivational and inspirational background music with orchestral elements. Background music for videos, presentations, successful videos, commercials, corporate videos, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube vide...
Yann Keerim
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