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Entering The Jungle

A tense, mystical organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring mysterious flute, bright textures and pads, pizzicato violin and temple bells. Styled for factual documentary background and science and culture underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects abou...

By The Ocean

Epic music for trailer with brass, drums and orchestra. Powerful heroic soundtrack for your movie, video, game of YouTube channel. High quality epic trailer from audiojungle by StudioKolomna. Epic Intro for your film, teaser, opener

Cell Evolution

A floating, organic track, featuring an acoustic guitar pattern, ethnic percussion, spacy electric guitar notes and atmospheric textures. Styled for factual documentary background and science underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects about scientific resea...

Epic Africa [PACK]

An uplifting and epic African track with balafon, West African and Bulgarian choirs, balafon, traditional African and epic percussion, flute, kalimba and vocal chants. Great for travel videos, advertisement, vlogs, documentaries and anything africa themed really. Available in Full, Loop and 60 seco...

Trappin Fappin

gritty trap hip hop urban track that starts with a wah type guitar riff. Cool abnoxious attitude vibe complete with orchestral hits and synth drones. For sports/action themed content or lifestyle entertainment programming

Jungle Juice

Jungle house EDM track with a tropical feel and groove. Driving hypnotic drums throughout the song. Great for fitness and exercise content, club scenes, and entertainment/fashion news

Gangsta Wok

Hip hop trap track with an edgy, dark, urban swaggar and attitude. World instruments, 808s, cinematic percussion & trap drums. Cool and hypnotic vibe great for ads, TV and Film

Gangsta Smoothie

Hip hop orchestral track with a world ethnic African lead melody. Bouncy and mordern, Cool vibe filled with swaggar. Great for Urban Films, Lifestyle programming, and reality TV

Cheerful Commercial

This is a very popular style of music for any ad, played by a pizzicato cello, glockenspiel and bassoon. Simple and uplifting! Update: Now five versions are included: -Happy commercial 0:31 (with Bell Melody) -Happy commercial Piano 0:31 (with Piano instead Bell Melody) in preview after 0:31...

90s house music jungle jam

Happy sounding FM bell A section into a 90s house organ B section with jungle beat recorded on 8 track 1/4" inch tape machine.

Uplifting Extreme Energy DubStep Pack [PACK]

This energetic and power background track. Extreme Dub track, with power drums and unique modern synths. This track is gradually developing and contains an energetic culmination, and an explosive ending. 1.The first version contains all the elements of the track. 2. Listen to an energetic bit from...
Yann Keerim
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