Joonas Mäkilä - 53 tracks

An awarded Finnish composer, specialized in ethnic/world music and synthwave

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Scary Horror Theme

A scary horror theme, something you would expect to hear as a film underscore when walking in an abandoned mansion or insane asylum haunted by souls of the damned. Instrumentation includes a spooky lofi piano, cello, music box, wailing guitar, double bass and some bass effects. Includes five versio...

Uplifting Nu Disco

A groovy upbeat nu-disco track with a pumping bass and punchy beat. Instruments include bass, drums, electric guitars, horns, electric piano and synthesizers. Excellent for any kind of fashion video, advertising, party bits, slide shows, travel videos, real estate, corporate videos and so on. Inclu...

Tropical Caribbean Island

A happy, sunny and carefree island reggae / calypso tune with afro beats and traditional Caribbean instruments including xylophone, marimba, timbales, steel drums, balafon, drums, bass and guitar. Excellent for travel videos, real estate presentations, paradise hotel clips, holiday projects, slides...

Deep Chillout Lounge

Deep Chillout Lounge is a relaxing downtempo instrumental electronic background tune with a splashy disco beat and funky guitar riffs. Instrumentation includes piano, drums, bass, electric guitar, synthesizer, strings, claps, tambourine, maracas and fx Excellent for any kind of presentations, loun...

The British Grenadiers

The British Grenadiers is a well known military march from the 17th century, still used in all the artillery units in the armies of Great Britain, Canada and Australia, often associated with the American Revolutionary War and the redcoats. Instruments feature a flute ensemble, snare ensemble and a ...

Upbeat Country Rock

A classic upbeat country rock song with three twangy electric guitar and pedal steel solos on a blues rock riff. Instrumentation includes drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar and harmonica Perfect for tv advertising, travel videos, radio, funny bits, fashion shows and so on. Inc...
Yann Keerim
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