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An awarded Finnish composer, specialized in ethnic/world music and synthwave
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Whimsical Sneaking

A funny and whimsical piece of sneaking music which works well with any humorous scenes and comedy bits. Consists of orchestral instruments such as the oboe, pizzicato strings, xylophone, vibraslap and bassoon. Works well in a comedy film, hidden / candid camera videos, prank videos, quirky commerc...

Middle East Action

Energetic middle eastern flavor action track with typical arabic instruments such as: oud, duduk, egyptian diva vocals, arabic strings, qanun, distorted bass and middle east percussion. Works well with any kind of projects in need of middle eastern flavor, documentaries, war films, islamic videos, t...

Elevator Music

A laid back cheerful latin bossa nova tune with some jazzy chords, often categorized as elevator music or muzak. Instruments include a lead piano, flute and vibraphone, jazzy drums and organ on the background. Excellent background music for elevator, shopping mall, movie scene happening in an elev...

80s Italo Disco

A 1980’s pumping Italo Disco/synth-pop track in the style of Modern Talking and Gazebo. Perfect for all kinds of throwback scenes, fashion shows and comedy bits!

Soft Emotional Piano

A soft emotional, beautiful inspirational piano track with a warm and relaxing mood. In addition to the piano, the violins and solo cello bring the spacious and ethereal atmosphere. A perfect fit for love stories, beautiful scenes, classical videos, nature clips, slow motion and timelapse, wedding ...

Gregorian Monastery Chants

A gregorian male choir chanting in a monastery, perfect for any scenes with monks, monasteries, medieval churches and so on

Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 8 Part II: Adagio Cantabile

Piano Sonata No. 8: Adagio Cantabile by Ludwig van Beethoven, commonly known as Sonata Pathétique, written in 1798. Often cited as one of his most celebrated compositions

Enchanted Forest

A beautiful, light, relaxing and serene orchestral fairytale and fantasy theme, in style of Danny Elfman (Edward Scissorhands) and Jeremy Soule (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) Perfect fit for a fantasy video game, an atmospheric fairytale movie, anything to do with fairies and elves, magic, advertisin...

Spaghetti Western Adventure

Good old fashioned 1960’s italo spaghetti western title music in the style of Roberto Pregadio, Franco Micalizzi and Ennio Morricone. A great fit for all kinds of wild west comedy spoof videos with cowboy heroes, videos about horses and cattle ranchers or reality tv shows about pickers and antiqu...

70s Disco Fever

A fun and funky throwback to the disco fever times of the late 1970's and early 1980's, a groovy track for the kings of the dance floor! Instrumentation includes brass section, electric bass, wah guitar, soaring strings, drums, claps and wurtilizer organ Perfect for any kind of throwback videos, tv...

Headline News Countdown

A classic dramatic news countdown theme, the kind you hear every day on tv with a coutdown beep. The last 10 seconds is highlighted with a higher octave. Instrumentation includes drums, synthesizers, trumpet, french horn, strings and a sine wave beep. Includes a seamlessly looping version with less ...

Motivational Inspiring Corporate

A fresh upbeat corporate tune with uplifting and achieving mood that keeps building up along the track. Instruments include palm muted guitar, drums, violins, guitar harmonics, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and piano. Suits all kinds of inspirational, motivational videos, hr, services, products, p...

Fast Bluegrass Fun

An upbeat, energetic and happy bluegrass tune with banjo, western fiddle and lap steel guitar that makes you want to shoot in the air, go yeehaw and start dancing! Fits well with all kinds of travel videos where you travel from place to place, or commercials happening especially in the deep south G...

Wild West Story

Good old fashioned 1960’s italo spaghetti western title music in the style of Roberto Pregadio, Franco Micalizzi and Ennio Morricone. Most of the wild west musical cliches can be found in the track. A great fit for all kinds of wild west comedy spoof videos with cowboy heroes, videos about horses...

80s Throwback Synthwave

Welcome to 1984! A mellow and nostalgic instrumental synthwave track with drum machines and electric pianos and soft analogue synthesizers. A fine fit for any kind of nostalgic or 80's inspired video needs, night time driving videos, youth culture and street style clips and more. Genre: Synthwave ...

Lofi Hip Hop

A chill and laid back lofi hip hop track with guitar, brass horns, chops, piano and scratching that makes you want to sit down and relax. A good fit for videos about travel, youth culture, fashion, indie tv, urban and street lifestyle videos and advertising Genre: Hip Hop Includes one version: V...

Jazzy Hip Hop

A stylish jazzy retro hip hop track with sampled big band and vinyl scratches, put it in your Rust base tour video and it fits like a glove! Also great for dance videos, crib tours, travel videos, videos about cooking and food, youth advertising, urban and street lifestyle videos and advertising. G...

Epic Inspiring Cinematic Trailer

This is THE track for your epic video needs, an epic inspiring orchestral track similar to the style of Two Steps from Hell with Merethe Soltvedt, Thomas Bergersen, Audiomachine and Ivan Torrent. A great fit for all kinds of action videos, trailers, sports, corporate presentations, TV, anything hero...

Uplifting Dance

An Uplifting and modern dance/house/EDM track with synths, drum machines and filters, and which brings summer to your mind. A good fit for all kinds of YouTube videos, party advertisement, presentation, media, TV, slideshows and more. Genre: EDM Includes three versions: Version 1 - 3:16 Version 2...
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