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balkan circus 1

carousel album Album between circus,nursery rhymes and carousel Still the laughter of the children when the clowns have done their tricks, still the amazement at the contortionists infects the air, still the roars of the lions occupy the stage, and yet nothing can now turn the audience's eyes away...

A Bit Of Euphoria

A retro, positive, and fantasylike chiptune track with happy dreamy vibes. Great for gaming content and kitsch programming. Key of C major

Tireless Kids

A playful and carefree music track with a fun and light-hearted atmosphere. It features pizzicato strings, bassoon, glockenspiel, piano, bells, percussion and funny sound effects. Perfect for fun vlogs, funny animals videos, The Dodo, animation sequences, game apps, cartoons, comedy series, educatio...

Kids Cheerful Ukulele Rock Pop

It is a cheerful, lively, playful, fun, uplifting, bright, enjoyable, upbeat, exhilarating, lovely, positive and comical track. Perfect for happy kids projects, advertising, commercial, promotional video, etc. The main instruments are whistle, ukulele, organ and vibraphone.

Hush Little Baby

The tender, delicate classic „Hush Little Baby“ in a simple, calming version played on a music box. Sweet, dreamy and peaceful, associated with babies, bedtime, sleep. Perfect for all kinds of baby and children projects, advertising, animation, commercials, cartoons, videos, slideshows, youtube.

Are You Sleeping

The tender, delicate classic „Are You Sleeping“ in a simple, calming version played on a music box. Also known as "Frère Jacques", "Bruder Jakob", "Fra' Martino"... Sweet, dreamy and peaceful, associated with babies, bedtime, sleep. Perfect for all kinds of baby and children projects, advertisi...

The Small Captain

A captain sailing the seas on an adventure. He's seen many cool things like whales, dolphins and visited inhabited islands. But now he's on a journey crossing the ocean to visit his friends on the other side of the world. It's a upbeat rocking waltz with brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, harp ...

Tea Party

Image a living kettle working in a cosy kitchen preparing everything for a nice afternoon tea. Boiling water, baking cookies & muffins, getting al the tea cups and cutlery in order on the rolling tray. With the barrel organ, pizzicatos and flutes it's a happy tune that kids will love.

Rain Dance

The rain falls down from the sky and brings life to the flower seeds hidden in the ground. Growing from their stems a beautiful flower appears. The xylophone plays the magical part of the rain (being the bringer of life). The orchestration is fairly simple with some marimba and a warm dark bass.

Feast of numbers

Happy barrel organ song with pizzicato and a violin. It was created to learn toddlers how to count, hence the name Feast of numbers.

Creature Butterfly

A happy bouncy instrumental song about two unlikely friends with a happy grand finale. The pizzicato strings are the engine of the song. The flute is playing the bouncey bits. It has some simple but effective counter-melodies to give the song its grand finale.

Action Painting

Simple happy dance tune created for kids on the rhythm of a Bossa Nova with celestas and a saxophone.


A modern, percussive royalty freetrack with big toms, hits, sticks and a drum&bass part in the middle, perfect for sport, action, commercial or trendy video game projects.

Frozen Kingdom

An inspiring, cinematic royalty free fairytale theme with strings, flutes, horns, bells, choirs and epic drums, best for fantasy movies, games, intros or trailers.

Toy Soldier

A soft music box tune, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Great for background music in children projects, commercials, emotional videos, movies, audio books or animations.

Music Box Fairytale

A very sweet melody , calm and peaceful, with a music box and pads, perfect for kids videos and photo mementoes.

Yann Keerim
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