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Ukulele Joy

An upbeat, inspirational, bouncy & joyful track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells and claps! The perfect track for a happy mood!

LOVE LULLABY (Traditional Lullaby) - Music Box Only version

Available in: Main Version / Music Box only / 60sec / 30sec. Sweet and dreamy in a perfect traditional lullaby style. Starts with music box (carillon) only, then a soft orchestral arrangement, then returns to a music box ending. The orchestral middle section is also good for a romantic, delicate ...

E.T. CALLS HOME - 60sec version

Available in: Main version / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger. Cartoon & family adventure in big colorful classical orchestration, with energy and an imaginative melodic theme. Also different sections with ironic themes and moods, but always in the same rich Hanna&Barbera style. Action Adventur...

CARTOON FUN - Main version

Available in: Main version / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger. (do not miss listening from 1'47) Lush classical orchestration in Hanna&Barbera style, with animated structure; good for animations and funny adventure. Music has great quality and is entertaining for all ages. Theme, countertheme, ...

Happy Whistle

Quirky and playful instrumental tune: whistled melody, accordion, xylophone, ukulele and similar toy-instruments make this track perfect for children related productions, cartoons, animations and comedy moments.

Funny Sticks

Funny Sticks - positive music track with happy, cheerful and bright mood. Featuring ukulele, bells and piano, this track has the perfect sound for commercials, YouTube videos, corporate videos, children’s projects and more.


Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel. Great for Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentation.

Light and Bright

An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for montage videos, romantic wedding videos, inspirational projects, motivational presentations and more.

DEAR LOVE (New Age) - Stinger version

Available in: Main version / Narrative (no lead melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger. Available also in 2 other arrangiements, Pop and Classical, with the same title. Inspiring, beautiful & emotional for piano and chamber orchestra. Simple and effective romantic melodies with a bit of me...

Baby party

A nice & happy tune with ukelele, xylophone acoustic guitar & a wisthling melody...

One Two Three

Optimistic and friendly pop song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and accordion. Brings that easygoing and joyful feeling in every project.

Funny Advertising

Funny positive upbeat folk music track. Perfect for background music for any media projects that needs to evoke lightheartedness and happiness.

The Halloween

Scary, spooky and funny Halloween orchestral track. Features theremin, harpsichord, pizzicato strings, vibraphone, organ, choir, halloween cartoon sounds, drums and more. Great for any halloween projects and animations with Dracula, skeletons, witch, frankenstein, ghosts, monsters, zombies, vampires...

Halloween Eve

Scary, spooky and creepy dark Halloween background ?music. Features theremin, orchestral strings, harpsichord, choir, brass, tubular bells, church organ and more. For halloween videos, ads, children costume videos, soundtracks about cemetery, skeletons, witches, witchcraft, ghosts, monsters, zombies...


A short cheerful track that’s great for projects involving nature or aimed at children.


A soft, melodic piece played by a music box that’s perfect for anything soothing and relaxing.

Upbeat Happy Days - happy go lucky stinger

Upbeat and happy tune setting a care-free feel-good mood. It features glockenspiel, electric guitars, warm piano, uplifting strings, and energetic drums. Set an inspiring and positive mood – perfect for feel-good TV, commercials and presentation videos. Tempo 96/192 BPM This track is available i...

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