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Irish St. Patricks Day with modern drums

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum, a modern drum kit and electric bass.

Irish St. Patricks Day traditional version

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum and bass.

Corporate Inspirational

'Corporate Inspirational' is a motivational and uplifting upbeat track with a rhytmic electric guitar, some soft atmospheric background sound, piano chords, a straightforward four on the floor beat and some strumming acoustic guitars. This that will work perfect for all kind of corporate presentatio...

Happy Corporate Upbeat Pop

'Happy Corporate Upbeat Pop' is a modern, uplifting, upbeat pop track, which is very inspiring and motivating. It starts with a funky electric guitar, develops further with additional electric guitars and is complemented by a percussive and catchy synth melody, strings and piano. A driving drum set...

Should Have Never Been Lovers

'Should Have Never Been Lovers'is a slow electro song with a warm, wide and spacy sound, consisting of synth pads, lead synths, electronic drums, bass and electronic percussion. The song is very suitable as background music in movies, commercials, tech videos, etc. The young singer Chloe sings the ...

Action Trailer

'Action Trailer' is a modern, dramatic evolving cinematic epic music track which will work great for movie trailers, films, action scenes, games, etc. Three versions are included: Full version 2:23 Shorter intro version 1:45 (without the slow strings intro) Short version 0:47

Inspiring and Motivational

'Inspiring and Motivational' is a minimalistic evolving motivational and uplifting royalty free audio track with an inspiring and meditative mood, expressing a carefree and happy life. It will work for many applications, especially for your commercial, company presentation, film, Youtube channel, we...

Melodic Inspirational Backgroun

'Melodic Inspirational Background' is an uplifting, warm, motivational and inspiring background track, suitable for company videos, ads, commercials, Youtube videos, movies, documentaries and many other application. The track contains a nice piano arpeggio, surrounded with an uplifting drumbeat, bas...

Cinematic Background Inspiration

A beautiful cinematic and inspirational music track, featuring a grand piano, cello, violin, drums and bass. It offers a calm, sentimental, classical and cinematic touch, sounds very peaceful, romantic and can be used as a background music track along a wedding video, commercial, corporate or NGO p...

Business Inspiration

This unobtrusive, inspiring, uplifting and motivational upbeat music track will fit your corporate video, product presentation, explainer or Youtube video very well without distracting from the video, but pushing it to the top thanks to its energizing and positive feeling. Featuring electric and aco...

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

'We Wish You a Merry Christmas', the very famous magical Royalty Free Christmas Song is played with a Rhodes Electric Piano, accompanied by optional Glockenspiel and an optional festive Choir. This track works perfectly for your ad, commercial, movie or telephone answering machine.

Happy Upbeat Eighties

A happy and upbeat pop rock track in the style of the eighties with a catchy brass melody and a fast beat. It features piano, brass, synth, organ, drums, basss and tambourine. Working great for uplifting videos about sports, a party, documentaries about the 80s, etc.

Getting Inspired

'Getting Inspired' is a highly inspirational and motivational Royalty Free Audiotrack, perfectly suitable for corporate films, commercials, presentations, slideshows, commercials, ads, Youtube videos or movies.

Evolving Inspiration

'Evolving Inspiration' is an evolving, uplifting, motivational and emotional track which will work great for company videos, presentations, commercials, ads, slideshow, wedding videos etc. It evolves from a dreamy and uplifting piano arpeggio to a bombastic inspirational and emotional track featuri...


'Emotions' is an inspirational, motivational, romantic and evolving cinematic piano track in the style similar to music of Ludovico Einaudio, Philipp Glass or other cinematic soundtracks. It will work great for company-, NGO- or product presentations, as well as for keynotes, slideshows, commercials...

Day of Inspiration

'Day of Inspiration' is an evolving and motivational corporate music track, perfect as background music for your inspirational Youtube video, commercial, product or service presentation etc...

Evolving Love Story

An evolving and inspiring track for wedding videos, drone videos, nature related videos, stories about being successful etc.

Emotional Inspiration

'Emotional Inspiration' is an emotional, uplifting and motivating RoyaltyFree pop/rock music track, perfect for your company presentation,commercial, Youtube video and many other application.

Inspiring Moments

'Inspiring Moments' is a very inspiring and uplifting dynamic track, starting with some cinematic piano, orchestral strings, elf-ish voices and choirs, leading to the climax by some energetic rock drums, electric and bass guitar. It ends with the calm piano chords from the intro again. This track wi...

Get Your Inspiration

'Get Your Inspiration' is an inspiring, emotional, uplifting and motivating RoyaltyFree music track, perfect for your company presentation,commercial, wedding videos, timelapses, nature videos, documentaries, Youtube video and many other applications.

High-Flying Emotions

'High-Flying Emotions' is an evolving and highly inspirational background track, perfect for drone-, wedding- or corporate videos. It will work for many applications, especially for your commercials, company presentation, film, Youtube channel, wedding videos, timelapses, photo shows and much more!
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