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Longings of The Heart

A beautiful, inspiring and calm solo piano music piece, with dreamy vibes, suitable for romantic love stories, weddings, slideshows, meditative, or emotional content.

Love Never Fails

A gorgeous, mid tempo piano driven cinematic theme, with fabulous live strings, ideal for romantic Valentine's day, emotional, intimate, or nostalgic scenarios.

Sweet Embrace at Last

A warm embrace of love and longing – a longing finally fulfilled! Together, home at last! A rush of excitement that extends into a time of reflection and peace of mind. Orchestral sound.

Fiery Tango

A passionate and melodic Tango track that features a string quartet, an acoustic guitar, a trumpet, and percussion. It is great for movies, films, documentaries, advertisements, commercials, and more.

Bad Love (Epic Dark Dramatic Pop)

A grand, soaring electro-soul song about a broken relationship and being hurt, with haunting female lead vocals, airy piano, strings, keys, pulses, and big percussions, ideal for films, credits, majestic scenery, and horror stories.


A very emotional, sad royalty free music theme with deep pads, staccato strings, piano bits and big choirs, ideal for cinematic intros, trailers, war contents, games or love stories.

Gypsy Jazz

’’Gypsy Jazz’’ is fast, upbeat gypsy jazz style track . We guarantee that our ’’Gypsy Jazz’’ is perfect choice for any cafe and restaurant, cooking show, travel video, video review, YouTube video, animated film, cartoon, comical scene, video relating to food and wine, mobile app, com...

O Little Town Of Bethlehem

A poignant classic christmas song rendition with tremolo guitar, orchestra, and bells. Serene, festive & heartwarming vibe great for family, drama, and seasonal oriented programming

Melancholy Piano Guitar Serenade 1

An Introspective piano & guitar track full of serenity and drama. Inpiring and full of emotion suitable for film/TV drama and corporate ads

Heavenly Kiss

Folk jazz style track that is peaceful and sentimental. Acoustic guitar lead with percussion, bass, and keys. Suitable for dramatic content, travel programming, and corporate videos/vlogs

Heart Unlocked

Alternative emo rock style track with dreamy and heavy guitars, big drums, and ambient synths. Positive and uplifting. Suitable for teen programming, TV/Film inspirational content, and social vlogs

Ghost Of You

Emotional and reflective piano & orchestral based track. Has a somber sad reminiscing feel but turns uplifting and positive at the end. Great as theme song for TV/Film & documentary underscore

Follow The Light

An emotional and hopeful neoclassical piece with piano, cello, viola, and violin ensemble. Reflective and dramatic great for tv/film drama, motivational programming, travel and self help vlogs, and film score

Behind Every White Lie

Emotional Piano Orchestral Track with a sense of drama & reflection. Instruments include piano, strings, pads, harp, and cymbal crescendos. Great for film/TV drama underscore, corporate drama, and melancholy ads/infomercials

Cinematic Inspiring Romance

'Cinematic Inspiring Romance' is an inspiring, emotional, calm and romantic epic music track, designed to work along with corporate videos, explainers, product presentations, movies, trailers, nature, food, drone and wedding videos. It features an emotional piano and orchestral strings.

A very soulful R&B ballad

A very soulful R&B ballad with rich and gorgeous electric guitars and synths with a very grooving keys, bass and drum programming. Perfect for romantic love themed TV and film productions.

A Pop / R&B style ballad

A Pop / R&B style ballad, a warm, melancholic song works well as a general romance / romantic background track for media etc.

Smooth Bossa Nova

Relaxing and dreamy Latin Bossa Nova with romantic, dreamy, cocktail lounge feel. Elegant, jazzy, nostalgic and warm, this is a perfect Latin track for your project!

My Love

This melodic and rhythmic guitar piece played by concert guitars and percussion instruments is perfect for romance themes, travel videos and other film backgrounds.
Yann Keerim
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