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Oh, How a Rose E'er Blooming

Delicate and unique solo piano version of the classic public domain Christmas and Advent hymn "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming." Perfect for holiday church services, offertory, prayer time, or quiet reflection.

Wide Asleep

Corporate Rock with piano, guitars, bass and drums, for motivational and inspirational situations. Resolution and progress is the vibe. Suitable for corporate motivational ads and drama programs

Turning Full Circle

Corporate motivational cue with vibes of inspiration and reflection. Piano and guitar driven. Great for corporate content & inspirational ads/infomercials

String Cloud

Uplifting and hopeful alternative track with dreamy guitars as lead. Dreamy, rejuvinating vibe great for ads TV/Film with self reflection

Sincere Lie

Alternative Rock with Anthemic Feel. Starts with piano riff and builds with guitar and full band arrangement. Uplifting and cool vibe great for reflection montages and ads

Reigning Hope

Anthemic Inspirational rock track, key of D, epic bombastic and motivating, dreamy guitars, vocal chops/shouts & taiko drums, lively and organic suitable for motivational content for TV/Film

Last Request

A slow, poignant, emotional, heartfelt folk track with a guitalele as lead & acoustic guitar as rhythm. Sad but hopeful tone great for corporate drama, montages and underscore

Indie Pop Corporate

Motivational inspiring indie pop corporate track with delayed guitars, indie drums, synth plucks, ambient textures, and driving bass. Positive, hopeful vibe with anthemic motif. Good for corporate ads, documentaries, travel and history programming, and social media content

Heart Unlocked

Alternative emo rock style track with dreamy and heavy guitars, big drums, and ambient synths. Positive and uplifting. Suitable for teen programming, TV/Film inspirational content, and social vlogs

Final Push

uplifting alternative indie rock tune with a positive anthemic vibe . Vocal ohs, distorted guitars, and thunderous drums. Great for Corporate motivational content, tv, film, and documentaries

Crowning Moment

Electronic pop corporate track with inspirational and anthemic vibes. Driven by ethereal piano and dreamy guitars with a strong drum groove and synth arps and leads. for TV/Film, motivational infomercials, and lifestyle content

Carry Me Home

Melancholy & dramatic piano based track. Cinematic orchestral theme with an uplifting hopeful vibe. Great for montages, inspirational ads, or movie soundtrack for film/TV

Behind Every White Lie

Emotional Piano Orchestral Track with a sense of drama & reflection. Instruments include piano, strings, pads, harp, and cymbal crescendos. Great for film/TV drama underscore, corporate drama, and melancholy ads/infomercials

Developing Emotional Story

Calm emotional background track featuring piano, celeste, marimba and strings. The gradual musical development throughout the piece enables it to support a variety of media productions.


An atmospheric, emotional royalty free fantasy piano music theme with pulsing pads, strings and epic beats, ideal for adventure games, movies, intros or decision making scenes.


A moment of reflection in the madness of life. The feeling of solitude, of calm and mindfulness. Think of gentle rain dropping off the leaves, staring out of the window on long, wet journeys. Think of the past, and smile because you still have the joy of the future. Single plucked nylon-esque gui...

The Narrative

Calm, peaceful piano underscore music with string elements for themes like decision making, self reflection, love, romance and heartbreak.


Calm background track consisting of marimba, piano and some rhythmic elements to create a sense of thoughtfulness.


Calm, peaceful piano underscore music with string elements for themes like decision making, self reflection, love, romance and heartbreak. Very dramatic mood.

After Love

Calm, peaceful piano underscore music with pulsing bass for themes like decision making, leaving, self reflection and relationships.
Yann Keerim
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