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Ambient Mellow Emotion

“Ambient Mellow Emotion” is a thoughtful, mellow, and melodic cinematic soundtrack. Perfect for emotional videos with beautiful epic moments, landscapes, nature, climate content, etc Instruments: Acoustic piano, synthesizer, drum kick, and rhythm guitar.

Ambient Dream Meditation

A meditative, spiritual and atmospheric composition suited for reflection and mindfulness. This composition will be useful for meditation, relaxing, chillout, spiritual sessions, zen, yoga, massage, spa, deep concentration, hypnotic sessions, etc. Also ideal for emotional videos, romantic and sentim...


Minimal piano melodies gracefully intertwine with the ethereal beauty of strings, meticulously building a profound emotional narrative that inexorably ascends towards a climax of raw intensity, evoking a spectrum of feelings through a harmonious union of these musical elements.

Reflection on desolation (Lo-fi, Electronic, Guitar, noise, Atmosphere, Wander)

A guitar riff accompanies the typical atmosphere of loneliness and desolation. Perfect for farewell scenes, or contemplation of empty and desolate landscapes.

Round Round

A banging trap track with male rap and vocals. About getting nowhere and self reflection..dark and swaggy vibes with a hint of R&B

Wounds Of Words

Dark, suspenseful underscore music for themes like crime, thriller, heartbreak, leaving, decision-making and self reflection.

Neo Classical Tension Cue

Realistic suspenseful background track consisting of cello, violin, viola, piano and contrabass.

Worry And Overthinking

Calm and slightly tense background track featuring piano, marimba and strings.

Sad Moody Background

Sad background track featuring a memorable piano melody, carried forward by a suspenseful string arrangement. Will work very well in the background of any media.

How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds

A gorgeous, breezy solo piano rendition of a classical religious hymn, with dreamy vibes, great for worship and TV scenes that require meditation and reflection on faith.

Everyday Stillness

A peaceful instrumental featuring a calm piano and strings suitable for relaxation and reflections. Would work well in a film / tv scene that requires contemplative, melancholic, deep thought, somber type of music.

Pensive Mood

A mellow jazz track with piano, upright bass, and drums suitable for film/tv scenes that requires a laid back jazz backgrounds, an intimate moment, or a quiet romantic night.

Sweet Embrace at Last

A warm embrace of love and longing – a longing finally fulfilled! Together, home at last! A rush of excitement that extends into a time of reflection and peace of mind. Orchestral sound.

A Life's Reflection

A quiet, contemplative piano background track, with soft synth layers.

Finding Things Out

Calm background track featuring calm sounds and melodies. Will work wel in documentaries, film or any other media.

Oh, How a Rose E'er Blooming

Delicate and unique solo piano version of the classic public domain Christmas and Advent hymn "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming." Perfect for holiday church services, offertory, prayer time, or quiet reflection.

Wide Asleep

Corporate Rock with piano, guitars, bass and drums, for motivational and inspirational situations. Resolution and progress is the vibe. Suitable for corporate motivational ads and drama programs

Turning Full Circle

Corporate motivational cue with vibes of inspiration and reflection. Piano and guitar driven. Great for corporate content & inspirational ads/infomercials
Yann Keerim
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