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Deep Affection (Underscores)

'Deep Affection' is an inspirational, sophisticated, chilled, and uplifting urban track. Featuring analog synthesizers, a deep synth bass, modern urban drums, Chinese instruments, and a nostalgic grand piano. This tracks blends elements from lo-fi hip-hop, lounge, chillout, and evokes a deep, warm f...

Uplifting Business Work

Uplifting, inspiring, modern and positive emotional business technology pop track with synths, harmonics, guitars, plucks, bass and drums and percussion. This track is suitable for modern, uplifting, technological, upbeat, motivational and positive inspiring projects to set an optimistic and happy m...

A Beautiful Place in the Universe

Instrumental positive space ambient music made for electric piano, synth pads and synth plucks, ideal for science and space travel films and documentaries. Also great for relaxation and spa.

Happy Corporate Motivational Business

Upbeat Corporate Motivational Inspiring Uplifting – high quality background music for your projects.

Encouraging Future

Airy and uplifting music with atmospheric sound and an optimistic mood. Great background audio for corporate and business promos, product advertising, inspiring speeches, presentations, educational videos, real estate videos, travel blogs, adventure videos, and more.

World peace (Peaceful piano and strings)

A calm composition with piano and strings, creating a peaceful atmosphere and a happy mood. Combined with calm videos, peaceful, happy, emotional themes, slideshows, social videos, etc.

Heart Beats of Light

An instrumental Corporate track with an Indie Pop vibe and a groovy mood.

The Most Successful Traders

Instrumental corporate music made for acoustic and electric guitars, strings and pianos, ideal for commercials, advertising and promos. Also great for any productions with optimistic, tech & science and positive success topics.

Gentle Inspiration

An inspiring, and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Starting with a simple and memorable guitar harmonic melody, this full-length track progresses to reach a emotional and inspiring conclusion with. Perfect for: presentation, business, corporate videos, t...

Brightness of the Stars

Instrumental New Age and ambient electronic music, made for electric piano, synth plucks and synth pads, ideal for relaxing and peaceful situations. Also great for nature and space documentaries.

Inspiring Cinematic Music

Orchestral music with string ostinatos, brass section, horns, percussion, big drums and percussion. Fantasic, inspiring and motivational background music for your video project.

Stay Hardworking

Inspiring and motivational orchestral cinematic trailer music with driving and powerful string ostinatos, brass melody, electric bass, drums and percussion. For your next video project, documentary, presenation, promotion, corporate movie, business video, slideshows, product video and many more.

Keep Moving Forward

Positive and upbeat corporate dance with great and rich synth melodies that will give your project a motivational feel. This instrumental background song features tasteful synthesizer sound and beat. Well-suited for technology, design or young corporate lifestyle.

Gentle Inspirational Ambient Accoustic Music

Inspiring and uplifting music with accoustic guitar, piano, pad, and drums. Suitable for inspiring projects, corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, and more.

Corporate Guitar Upbeat

Upbeat, motivating corporate track with guitar, piano, claps, and drums. Perfect for advertising, presentations, promotions and other things. This track is perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood, suitable for presentation, Youtube Video, Podcast, Social Media Marketing, School and Colleg...

Shifted Away

Emotional orchestral trailer music a simple vocal melody, with string ostinatos, brass section, horns, percussion, big drums, synth drones, pads and trailer effects. Fantasic, inspiring and motivational background music for your video project.
Yann Keerim
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