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Inspirational Hip Hop Sport

Inspirational Hip Hop Sport Inspiration – Epic motivational hip hop track perfect for all kind of Advertising, Radio/TV, vimeo, youtube, corporate presentations, life style, sport, private video and more…

Hip Hop Sport Motivation Epic & Inspiring

Epic Hip-Hop – Epical, Dramatic and powerful hip hop track, motivating for sports, fitness, fighting! Be the winner!

Fashion Chill Hip-Hop

This is a trendy background stylish fashion hip-hop with a chill vibe. This stylish light hip-hop beat is good for fashion commercial, travel background, travel vlog, summer travel, road travel, urban city video, time-lapse video, drone footage, drone fly video, lingerie commercial, beauty video blo...

Light Cinematic Dramedy

Light, playful and positive orchestral dramedy track, featuring marimba, harp, flute and strings. Perfect for advertising, commercials, reality TV, romantic comedy, youtube videos.

If Looks Could Kill

A comical, slightly scary and suspenseful track, featuring all kinds of plucky sounds, harpsichord, pizzicato and tremolo strings, bells, flute, clarinet, piano effects and light percussion. Creating a clear dramedy/comedy feel. Awkward moments, curious situations in suburban family life, spying sce...

Fresh And Fit - Fitness Motivation Trap

Futuristic, high-powered, motivational and hard-hitting future bass trap audio background! It has a great build up, grizzly bass, thunderous brass and atmospheric synths, all topped up with earth-shattering drums! Perfect for Tech tutorials, Action Sports, , Boxing, Auto vlogs, Tutorials, Fitness,...

Fight For This - Aggressive Strong Hip Hop

Majestic, inspirational and motivational hip hop audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, fitness, gaming and self improvement vlogs and videos!

Enjoy The Jump - Carefree Easygoing Urban Hip Hop

Highly inspirational, positive, light, upbeat and motivational trap urban audio background! Warm synths, Addictive Vocal Chops, Bangin' drums and a cozy bassline in this super dope and inspiring track. Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, kids education, self-improvement, make up and tech tutorial ...

Drilling Me Inside - Aggressive Urban Stories

Dark, Epic, Cocmic and Cinematic Drill Trap Audio Background, filled with Drama, Suspence and Blood Boiling thrills! Perfect for urban, vlogs, street documentaries, urban drama videos, trailers, sports, travel, criminal and mafia podcasts and documentaries, gaming and actio/sports/movie/documentary...

Do You Feel the Vibes - Smooth Easygoing Melodic Hip Hop

Chilled, Melodic, Romantic, Inspirational, Reflective and Mind relaxing rap/urban/hip hop audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, photography, photo album, retro wedding, social justice and self improvement vlogs and videos!

City Of Dreams - Ambient Hopeful Relaxation

Ultra Cool, Urban, Melodic rap/hiphop/urban track with pleasant saxophone and genuinely chill fashion sound. Bouncey and groovey drums, warm bass line, playful saxes, quirky and hypnotic guitars and some lovely rhodes piano chords! Perfect for all sorts of projects, like: - fashion tv, prom...

City Is Mine - Easygoing Urban Boom Bap

Highly inspirational, positive, light and groove dripped Boom Bap audio background! Fonky Guitars, Warm Disco Chords, Fashionable Trumpets, Groovey Percussion and Drums, plus an Infectious bassline to top this fashion audio background off! Perfect for fashion, catwalk, make up, sports, travel, g...

Designer Apparel

An atmospheric and stylish electronic music track. It features synths, drums, percussion and vocal effects. Perfect for fashion video content, urban footage, vlogging, advertising, commercials, marketing, branding, promotional videos, technology, travel videos, or sports.

Exotic Beach

A chillout Future Bass track that expresses the night of a city near an exotic beach. The song has a flowy groovy vibe, incorporates ethnic instruments such as dulcimer, with deep flowed future bass, electronica drums, foleys, and female vocal chops.
Yann Keerim
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