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Victor Penkovsky is a music production expert, composer/producer, instrumentalist, session/studio musician with more than 20 years of experience.

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Family Memories

A bright and inspirational folk music track. It features acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, drums, synths and percussion. Best for promotional videos, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, presentations, family slideshows, travel video footage, montages and more!

Poetry Of Life

An atmospheric hip hop track with splashing beats, electric guitar riffs, flute, strings, reverberating synths, piano and vocal samples. Best for time lapse, nature scenery, aerial footage, documentaries, vlogs, urban projects or fashion related content.

Evening Breeze

A laid-back beat with atmospheric vibes. It features samples of vinyl crackle, reverberating electric guitar, drums, vocal effects and elegant synths. A cool instrumental in the best tradition of soulful mellow hip hop beats. Dreamy contemplation while sitting back, drinking coffee, enjoying music a...

Road To Sunshine (Folk Acoustic Guitar)

A bright and positive music track with an uplifting, joyful and upbeat mood. It features folksy acoustic, slide and steel guitars, mandolin, glockenspiel, fretless bass, shaker, percussion and drums. Perfect for advertising, commercials, film soundtrack, background, vlogs, montages, compilations, sl...

Quantum Leap

A modern, motivational royalty-free corporate track, with muted electric guitars, drum beat, piano, synths and strings. Best for presentations, slideshows, montages, marketing campaigns, medical commercials, hi-tech advertising, explainer videos, start up projects, promos and tutorials. Included ve...

Nostalgia Street

Nostalgia Street is a relaxing acoustic guitar track with a classic hip hop beat. It features a nostalgic acoustic guitar melody, beautiful harmonics, crystal clear and elegant piano, atmospheric synths, mellow horns, hip hop drums and a shaker. Perfect for chillhop playlists, time lapse, vlogs, You...


An emotional and melancholic lo-fi, chill music track. It features nostalgic electric guitars, a classic hip-hop beat, dusty drum grooves, distinct, choppy vocal sample effects, retro scratch, and revolving synths. Perfect for design projects, art work exhibition/presentation, photo slideshow, relax...

Sit Back

A calm, chill and relaxed music track in the lo-fi style. It’s got that nostalgic and dreamy vibe. It features a variety of atmospheric samples, including a drum beat, vinyl crackle, melodic piano, saxophone, synthesizer sound effects and vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, study background, chillho...

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a laid-back lo-fi beat that creates a relaxing mood. It features a chill electric guitar, smooth horns, hip-hop drums, vinyl scratch, female vocal effects and atmospheric synths. Perfect for design projects, art work exhibition/presentation, photo slideshow, relaxing background compi...

In The Limelight (Uplifting Upbeat Inspiration)

In The Limelight (Uplifting Upbeat Inspiration) is a catchy, stylish and energetic music track in the electropop style. It inspires you to move, dance and clap your hands with its feel-good attitude, It features a piano motif, bass guitar, retro synths that fill the room with ambience and memorable ...

Hip Hop Lounge

Hip Hop Lounge is a mellow, laidback music track with old school, jazzy underground vibes. It features a lo-fi hip hop beat made with a number of different samples, including an upright bass line, a variety of piano textures, atmospheric synths, horns and sound effects. Perfect for vlogs, street foo...

Ambient Sky Logo

Ambient Sky Logo is a bright and inspiring music track with a crystal-clear piano sound. Perfect for TV, radio advertising and commercials, corporate and marketing projects, art and beauty projects, women and motherhood projects, mother and baby projects, and projects that capture special and unforg...

Urban Vlog Hip Hop

Urban Vlog Hip Hop is a stylish, modern music track with a laidback, smooth vibe. It features mellow guitars, synths, a drifting trap beat and echoey vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, YouTube videos, travel videos, commercials, advertising, party background, unique branding, rap/trap compilation, lo...

The Acoustic Guitar Road

The Acoustic Guitar Road is a bright, cheerful and optimistic music track with an easy-going, contented mood. It features a folksy acoustic guitar theme with a mid tempo drum rhythm. Ideal background music for telling a story from your life, presenting a slide show from a family photo album, making ...

The Acoustic Guitar River

The Acoustic Guitar River is a calm and inspirational music track that sounds as peaceful and soothing as the water flowing in a river. It features a simple and sophisticated acoustic guitar motif that brings hope and evokes the desire to live and create. Perfect for family videos, slide shows, trav...

Into The Unknown (Ambient Swish Logo)

Into The Unknown (Ambient Swish Logo) is an atmospheric logo that sounds futuristic and elegant. It is filled with a high-tech and digital vibe. A perfect smooth and downtempo logo for your TV or web projects, as well as technology and company video production.

Christmas Time

Christmas Time is a light and bright instrumental tune that creates a festive and cheerful Christmas mood. It features bells, strings, piano, ukulele, claps and an enthusiastic whistle melody. Suitable for any video projects with a Christmas theme, be it a holiday movie, commercial, advertising, mar...

Enter Technology (Elegant Future Logo)

A modern logo that sounds futuristic and elegant. Filled with high tech and digital atmosphere. A smooth and downtempo logo for your TV or web projects. Also appropriate for technology and company video production.

The Big Moment (Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano)

The Big Moment (Emotional Inspiring Wedding Piano) is a beautiful, heartfelt music track with a romantic atmosphere that moves the heart and touches the soul. It features a melodic and gentle piano motif. Perfect for love story videos, wedding ceremony, proposal footage, optimistic/motivational/upli...
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