Victor Penkovsky

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Victor Penkovsky is a music production expert, composer/producer, instrumentalist, session/studio musician with more than a 20 years of experience.

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Lounge Chill

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
This bright and inspirational music is a perfect background for your project. Uplifting and relaxing at the same time it puts your project up front. Perfect for advertising and commercial, family videos, presentations, YouTube videos, slideshows etc.

Acoustic Guitar Classic

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Lonely but very beautiful sound of a classical guitar. Simple bright and clear melody. Minimalistic track in which only the guitar sounds. Works great with audiobook, life story, slideshow, presentation. Also suitable for touching moments, marriage proposals.

Acoustic Guitar Background

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Inspiration and uplifting acoustic guitar track has all the proper elements to make your project bright and sparkling, cheering and encouraging.

Happy Summer

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Modern and inspiring music in the style of the future pop. Great for vlogging, presentations, real estate advertising. The mood of this track is bright positive atmospheric.

Magnificent Motivation Intro

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Motivational, Cinematic, Inspitational and Orchestral intro. Perfect for inspirational and motivational intro, YouTube videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos, websites, commercials, advertising, radio, films. marketing, web advertisements, successful and business videos, game...

Cinematic Dramatic Epic Intro

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Powerful and Dramatic Intro, driving strings, epic drums. Has a very strong Hollywood sound. The best for film, trailers, and personal cinematic projects.

Logo Piano Elegant

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Subtle elegant opening logo reveal for broadcasting or corporate videos. Piano Elegant Logo begins with a quick cymbal roll into a brisk and cheery piano melody. A cheeky bit of glockenspiel and individual piano notes at the very end punctuate this charming track.

Upbeat Fun

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
This peppy guitar melody is cheerfully punctuated by tambourine and clapping hands, so the name Upbeat Fun couldn’t be more appropriate. It’s perfect for television or YouTube advertising, especially if your product is all about freedom to do the things you love. It’s sweet and catchy!

Intro – Epic Choir

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
A driving beat using orchestral percussion underpins some angelic vocalizations that float over the top of Epic Choir. It’s a meeting of the earthly and the heavenly in one impactful track. It’s a amazing choice for fantasy content, video games marketing or sci fi programming.

Journey Together

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
Journey Together’s guitar melody takes you down a charming road full of inspiration. Synth percussion and flute tones add layers of interest as the track moves into a more dominant piano, acquiring more character throughout. It’s a superb option for an image film showing company evolution and va...
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