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The Acoustic Guitar Road

The Acoustic Guitar Road is a bright, cheerful and optimistic music track with an easy-going, contented mood. It features a folksy acoustic guitar theme with a mid tempo drum rhythm. Ideal background music for telling a story from your life, presenting a slide show from a family photo album, making ...

Fire Overture

The track is filled with expression, fiery energy and epic power. The combination of orchestral and synthesized instruments fills the air with optimism, pushing energy and inspires victories and achievements.

Light On Fire

This is a rap song that hypes the listener. This song encourages drinking and having fun. Great for club/party scenes.

Peaceful Home

Warm and breezy acoustic track, featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, mellow piano and strings creating hopeful, inspirational atmosphere. Indie folk feel. Perfect for family and home oriented productions with emotional purpose, real estate advertising, crowdfunding and charity promotions, organi...

Give Me One Good Reason

This is a pop/rock song that incorporates electronic elements. It’s a very depressing and emotional song. Its about living with regret and seeing no reason to keep going on.

Fire Danger

This is an EDM/pop song. Its very happy/feel good and upbeat. Its club- banging, sexy and exciting.

Rock You Up

A rich, fireproof, shield-building doom track. The combination of rock drive guitar, heavy drums and vocal energetic hooks makes this track insistent and explosive. Sports, extreme racing, or videos full of dancing, these are the videos she fits in perfectly. Let’s create awesome and cool videos t...

Acoustic Rock Ballad

Acoustic Rock Ballad is a bright and positive acoustic guitar track in the folk rock style. It is an uplifting and inspiring anthem. It features an acoustic guitar, slide guitar, bass and a shaker for percussion. Perfect for documentaries, sentimental, emotional projects, romantic projects, commerci...

EDM Firework

Progressive, energetic EDM music. Suitable for videos about cars, sports, travel, as well as advertising projects and more.

A Little Christmas Tune

A cozy piano lullaby, featuring guitar and glockenspiel with a very soft and dreamy mood.

Christmas Theme Park

A Christmas waltz with a happy and joyful mood and yet, with a bit of melancholy.

Navajo Trails

Atmospheric and cinematic Native American traditional music with elements of Spaghetti Western. Mystical, wandering mood, perfect underscore for panoramic and adventurous sceneries, both film and documentary. Featuring traditional flutes, percussions and lap-steel guitar.

Moonlight & Fireflies

Calm meditation and yoga background music for relaxation and study.
Yann Keerim
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