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Blood of Champions

Instrumental epic cinematic positive music composed for orchestra, horns, piano, oboe, war drums, percussion, and strings, ideal for positive and victorious battle, fight and war scenes in films, tv series and documentaries. Also great for advertising, commercials, promos, contests and competition.

There is a Fountain Easter Hymn

This is a lovely solo piano version of the public domain hymn "There is a Fountain". Very popular at Easter time in church, this can be used for any occasion including church communion, prayer time, or videos dealing with Jesus, his death, or resurrection.

Speed Punk

Fast, super fast punk track. In the best traditions of heavy rock with the sound of modern guitars and drums. Great for active scenes, sporting events, fighting.

Alternative Powerful Hard Rock

A powerful, strong, bold alternative hard rock will warm the blood and give warmth! Guitar Distortion and bass guitar overdrive create power and strong sound! Ideal for sports videos, extreme sports, driving, fashion, highlights, dynamic videos, motorcycles, bicycles, construction, boxing, present...

Battle of the Titans

Epic background suited for fight scenes in film, trailers, intros, radio and tv advertising, games, but can be used as an ident too. It has a really dynamic and intense mood that reminds of ancient times.
Yann Keerim
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