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Frozen Greetings [Christmas Logo]

A bright and magical royalty free Xmas music Logo with sleigh bells, chimes, glockenspiel, woodwinds and strings . Perfect for Christmas and New Year idents, commercials, children’s media, YouTube, TV, openers.

I Feel Freedom

Dramatic epic music with modern arrangement for films, games and tv

Cloud Compass

Dramatic epic motivational music with modern arrangement for films, games and tv

Legends of Infinity

An inspiring, marvelous rising track that slowly builds up to huge orchestra blockbuster! Awesome hybrid orchestra sounds amazing, powerful and very inspirational! This item is perfect for use as film & videogame trailers, trailer intro, openers, endings, film / movie scenes, video projects,drivi...


Very powerful, inspiring and motivational cinematic piece with hybrid orchestra, deep piano, choir, risers and subs creates a specially atmosphere and sound for your projects. This advanced music is best for trailers, movies, soundtracks, Youtube videos, game streams, advertising and other commercia...

Investigative Tension Underscore

A subtle, hybrid light tension track, featuring electric piano, pulsing synth patterns, propelling percussion and drums. Styled for investigation underscore and introspective suspense background. True crime, cold case, courtroom, research, trace, clues, conspiracy, mystery, puzzle, marvel.

Morning in Heaven

A beautiful, ethereal and hopeful background piano track with cinematic strings, female choir, percussion, electric guitar, pad, synth an fx. Music full of hope, beauty, love and peace. Ideal for love and inspiring videos, Youtube p...

A New World

A marvelous, full of beauty and inspiration music with real orchestra in soundtrack style with lots of melodies. This high quality track with awesome sound creates unique atmosphere and magic mood. Best choice for cinema, cartoons, movies, animations, video games, trailers, teasers, promos etc.

Ultimate Countdown

An inspiring, marvelous cinematic trailer with different parts and moods - fantastic ambient and action parts! Includes cinematic piano, plucks, synths, pads, action strings, legato strings, glorious horns, powerful epic drums, sound design, risers and fx. Perfect, ideal track for cinema trailers, t...

Trios Los Punches

Anthemic stomp clap rock song with a cool swaggar. Guitar blues driven song that builds to a climactic ending. Perfect for sports, TV/Film, and cool vibe ads

Millennial Rock Stomp

Anthemic Stomp Clap Rock track with vocal oohs, stadium stomp claps, and driving fuzz guitars suited for soundtracks, sports themes, or action/adventure genres

Industrial Love Song

Cinematic metal with dual guitar leads, thunderous drums and orchestral string section. Has a anthemic feel that is both uplifting and determined. Great for video games, Ads, and TV/Film soundtrack

Galactic Showdown

Trailer-esque cinematic drums with ominous and tense vibes. Track builds to a crescendo with taikos, metals, whooshes and risers. Great for epic content, sports, action and adventure, scifi, and crime investigative programming.

Epic Drum Tension

Epic thunderous cinematic drums track with traileresque battle vibe. Big orchestral taiko percussion and french horn stabs with hybrid synth textures. Great for film/TV and epic documentaires

Disgruntled Militia

Cinematic metal style with distorted guitar riffs and aggressive string section. Epic, battle type vibe great for video games and action, fantasy, sci fi TV/Film

Inspiring Cinematic Trailer [PACK]

This powerful, inspiring, epic track. This track develops gradually, with every part added new notes melody. When the maximum tension increases, appears light piano solo (both are 2:00). Ideal for sports, military, historical projects, veterans day, trailer, video games and films. You can easily ad...
Yann Keerim
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