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The Wizard's Hideaway

Magical, children’s style theme with a hint of mystery, suggesting a secret garden or landscape full of wonder and intrigue. The instrumentation of strings, harps and celesta provide a sweeping melodic basis, with enchanting phrases and flourishes. Mythical creatures probably weave their magic and...

Dance Like A Princess

A sweet-sounding children’s style waltz with a sweeping strings melody and playful accompaniment with harp, celesta and bassoon phrases. Suggests a cartoon dance in elegant surroundings such as lake or fantasy landscape. Suitable for games, advertising and children’s presentations.

Trick Or Treat (Halloween Orchestral Cartoon)

This is a scary and spooky audio track perfect to set a Halloween mood in your project! This track featuring strings and brass sections, harpsichord, percussion. Suitable for any projects, including Halloween films, tutorials, dark holiday videos, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.


Minimal prepared piano piece with harp-like qualities.

Wholesome Corporate Vibe

Background music track with uplifting and wholesome vibe. Perfect for any corporate video like presentation, explainer, tutorial, commercial, advertising, training videos, infomercials, motivational films, explainer videos, business, slideshows, intros and openers, product / brand advertising, real ...

Dance With the Unseen (60 sec)

A mix of comedy and drama with a taste of the paranormal. Imagine dancing with a ghost in a large spooky mansion. Mischievous and innocently scary. Light orchestra with harpsichord. Quirky and silly. Desperate housewives. Sitcom. Humorous and delightfully naughty. Sneaking around. Solving a mystery....

Uplifting Classical

Uplifting and Inspiring classical track for your project! Featuring, violin, piano, cello, bells and the whole orchestra it`s perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, promo, intro, presentation and more. Enjoy!

Uplifting Classical Strings

Bright, Uplifting and Inspiring orchestral track for your project! It features strings, a harp, some gentle percussion and a piano. Great for commercials, ads, youtube, intro, promo and more. Enjoy!

Happy Christmas Story

Bright and Easy track for your project! It`s Quirky, Bouncy and Uplifting, with a Childish feel. It features the whole orchestra with strings, harp, woodwinds, brass and some more! Perfect for commercials, adds, youtube and any other Christmas content. Enjoy!

Bright Christmas Morning

Nice and Uplifting Stylish track for your project! Featuring pizzicato strings, woodwinds, percussion, harp, glockenspiel and, of course, sleigh bells it is Perfect for any christmassy commercial, add, youtube video, or just as an occasional background track Enjoy!

Optimistic Corporate

Inspiring and uplifting ambient background track. Perfect for any corporate video like presentation, explainer, tutorial, commercial, advertising, training videos, infomercials, motivational films, explainer videos, business, slideshows, intros and openers, product / brand advertising, real estate, ...

Determined For Success

This is a catchy energetic track. It conveys a sense of power, perseverance and strength. Perfect for upbeat corporate projects, urban videos, tv commercials, and more.

Ready for Action

Powerful and energetic music track with catchy and aggressive riff and addictive drums. This music was composed special for action and sport related videos: trailer, advertising, highlights video, commercial, video games, advertising and much more.

Cinematic Spooky Halloween

A mysterious orchestral track, featuring pizzicato strings, female choir, celesta, solo violin, solo flute, harp and orchestral percussion, to give an eerie, sinister mood. Perfect for Halloween projects, scary movies, cartoon, animation, black comedy, kids videos, trailer, documentaries.


Time is an epic trailer featuring a full orchestra, hitting drums, sharp beams, and futuristic sound design! Clock ticking will undoubtedly make your project more attractive and outstanding. This empowering piece of music will be a great soundtrack for your amazing projects such as slide shows, teas...

Quirky Elegant Cinematic Waltz

A sophisticated, eccentric comedy waltz, featuring flute, bassoon, harp, harpsichord and light percussion. Creating a comedic, magical mood. Styled for funny ads, commercials, promo, corporate media. Children adventure, family fun, dramedy, funfair, ghost train, theme park.

The Small Captain

A captain sailing the seas on an adventure. He's seen many cool things like whales, dolphins and visited inhabited islands. But now he's on a journey crossing the ocean to visit his friends on the other side of the world. It's a upbeat rocking waltz with brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, harp ...

Elegant Classical Overture

A regal orchestra overture, featuring expressive strings, light woodwinds, majestic brass, orchestral percussion and harp glissando. Perfect for promo, ads, commercials, youtube, corporate and media projects about castles, kings and queens, hosting a banquet, coronation ceremony, patriotic military ...
Yann Keerim
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