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Winter At My Door

A soft and nostalgic piano logo, with light strings, and oboe. Perfect for corporate/business branding, background music for company/product logo reveals and many more.

Flowered Journey to Heaven

Instrumental positive ambient music made for strings, oboe, cello, soundscapes and synthesizers, best for relaxation and peaceful topics in space documentaries, aerial shots, reiki, yoga and natural therapies. Also great for contemplative and romantic scenes in films and tv series.

Documentary Epic Intro

Thrilling upbeat orchestral track conceived to be the introduction part of a documentary or documentary series. Perfect for history, nature, outdoor sports, astrology and any subject that carries implied action, risk, danger, fear, heroicism, unknow...

Positive Romantic

instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is classical soundtrack music and the mood is positive and hopeful. The music starts with the piano palying the main notes of the composition. Then, the music increases the feeling with the incorporation of the rest of orchestra instruments....

Dramatic Classical Orchestral

Instrumental classical music made for orchestra, choir and solo sopranos. The music starts with a lyrical oboe playing a nice but dramatic melody. Then, the incorporation of orchestral instruments and voices increases the intensity and dramatism, even an epic feeling with the participation of violin...

A Heartfelt Loss

Instrumental sentimental and sad music made for cello and orchestral instruments, perfect for sadness and poignant situations in films, tv series and documentaries.

The Paints in the Big Hall

Instrumental classical inspirational music made for cello, oboe, piano and orchestral instruments, very nice music for cultural and elegant easy topics in documentaries, films, tv series, clips and weddings.

Deck The Halls

A classic well known christmas carol, sometimes titled as 'Tis the season to be jolly', originally from sixteenth century Wales. An orchestral arrangement including sleigh bells, church bells, strings, flute, oboe, a child choir, crotales, celesta, glockenspiel, bassoon, harp, mark tree and percussi...

The Fairy Kingdom

A cinematic slow tempo romantic fairytale theme with a sense of magic and mystery. Orchestration includes soaring strings, child choir, harp, oboe, celesta, piano and bass Excellent for fantasy soundtracks, space themed clips, fairytale movies, games, background music and so on.

Simple Quirky Romantic - Loop Version

Funny cinematic theme with quirky and comedy mood. If you need a subtle comical underscore for your elegant humor scene, this is the track for you. It features violin, clarinet, oboe, bouncy pizzicato strings, xylophone, bells, orchestral mallet instruments. It works perfectly in pranks videos, game...

Quirky Habits - Loop Version

This stock music track is a playful, cinematic theme with positive and funny mood. It is perfect for film trailer, movie scenes, background presentations, a slide show, commercial, marketing, and other various projects. It features clarinet, oboe, xylophone, marimba, bouncy pizzicato strings and orc...

Funny Curiosity - Loop Version

Joyful and comic background music track in a comedy cinematic theme with playful, quirky and funny mood, which works well on many comedy scenes, hidden camera videos, prank videos, funny commercials. It features pizzicato strings, clarinet, oboe, marimba, xylophone, bells and orchestral mallet instr...

Proud army

Orchestral track with full orchestral section. This track would be perfect for battles and epic scenes.

Whimsical Sneaking

A funny and whimsical piece of sneaking music which works well with any humorous scenes and comedy bits. Consists of orchestral instruments such as the oboe, pizzicato strings, xylophone, vibraslap and bassoon. Works well in a comedy film, hidden / candid camera videos, prank videos, quirky commerc...

Happy Magical Orchestra

A playful, happy, magical and adventurous orchestral cinematic track for uplifting media projects. A perfect track suitable for children’s films, light comedies, adventure video games, cinematic film projects, happy family videos. Picture scenes of friendly neighborhood, whimsical kids, sunny day...

Whimsical Funny Cinematic

A light, quirky and fun cinematic track with an uplifting and humorous vibe. Including funny pauses. Use for fun commercials, comedy, advertising, light-hearted happy family videos, children’s videos, animation, CGI, cartoon videos, film projects, YouTube bloggers, Facebook/Instagram/TikTok video...

The Lost Mohican

An emotional royalty free cinematic theme with 80s vibes, flute, oboe, horns, strings and epic percussion, best for romantic scenes, trailers or openers.
Yann Keerim
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