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Just Passing Time

A dreamy, contemplative royalty free cinematic piece, with a soft piano, bells, brass swells and cellos. Great for timelapse, emotional, intimate, or art projects.

Frantic In The Big City

A fast, rhythmic royalty free ambient track, with acoustic guitars, orchestral strings & brass. Best for city timelapses, corporate, cinematic, or aerial footage.

Building Beautiful Inspiration

A bright, inspiring royalty free cinematic theme, with a gentle piano, brass swells, acoustic guitars, and strings. Best for love stories, weddings or intimate content.

Retro Funky Groove - Loop Version

Retro Groovy background royalty free track with funk ingredients: brass section, funky wah guitars, rhodes electric piano and groovy drum beat with tasty phrases of baritone saxophone. For all projects, where a timeless and classic groovy motivational background music is needed. Thanks for listening...

Catchy Lofi Hip Hop

Cool lo-fi hip hop track, perfect music for promotional videos, vlogs, TV, radio, podcasts, social media and more. Begins with piano melody and leads into the main section with trumpet and strings. This track was recorded with pianos, trumpets, strings, percussion and bass using sample libraries and...

Cool Hip Hop Lofi

Lo-fi hip hop track. Perfect background music for video, presentations, TV, trailers, commercials, social media, vlogs and more. The Track opens with a lo-fi piano and drum vinyl sound and continues into a chorus of smooth jazzy vocals and trumpet. Recorded with MIDI piano, drums, brass, bass, vocal...

Funny Live Trumpet Cartoon Wah Wah Transition

This is a live trumpet clip featuring the classic cartoon sound of failure, wrong answers, and disappointment. Great for a fail, gaffe, comic moment in video games, cartoons, stingers, TV shows, films, songs, YouTube clips, intros, outros, slide transitions, corporate and school presentations, and m...

Dangerous Escalation

High tension cinematic soundtrack featuring hybrid orchestral edgy strings, powerful horns and massive percussions creating a suspenseful, dramatic mood. Subtle electronic elements for a pulsating tension. Full orchestral crescendo depicting a compelling action scene.


This is powerful cinematic inspiring and emotional epic trailer track with sad piano and guitar theme , powerful orchestral strings, brass and Taiko drums. This music track is telling a sad story.

Fun Swing Jazz

Swinging Jazz with a solid groove, dynamic breaks and smooth, colourful melodies. Featuring; piano, brass, vibraphone, double bass, hand clicks and drums. Perfect to use for videos, movies, commercials, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, social media, Vimeo and more.

Inspirational Cinematography

Music with cinematic piano, violins, brass with an inspiring mood. This track is well suited for vlogs about travel, nature, as well as for various advertising projects, documentaries and other creative ideas.

Happy Day

Happy Day is a cheerful folk track that creates positivity and joyful emotions. It features fun ukulele, chirpy whistles, jingling glockenspiel, bells, piano chords, bass guitar, percussion, shaker, brass, and trombone. Style: Bright ukulele music with a folksy feel. Carefree children music. M...
Yann Keerim
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