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A Funky Party

A Funky Party is a funky track design to make you move. Positive and groovy upbeat track with vintage sound suitable for positive and fun videos, advertising spots, commercials, energetic sports videos, and many more.

Epic Cinematic Trailer

Epic and heroic trailer with hard-hitting drums, heroic strings and brass. The melody line is on the piano.

The Tension Is Real

Suspenseful background track featuring gamelan, piano, celeste and more. The theme slowly builds and grows more intense introducing strings and percussive elements.

Happy New Year Trailer

Happy New Year is an epic trailer specially made for the big announcement of the New Year countdown, with suspense and an uplifting vibe. A perfect soundtrack for promotional videos, YouTube videos, TV commercials, Radio streams, voice-over recordings, podcasts, vlogs, business presentations, fast-s...

One Final Time

A piano and strings opening, with a subtle pulsing pads and light percussion leading to a heroic strings and brass melody. Great for films, presentations, trailers, advertising, video games and various other productions.

Latin Lover

loopable Sensual Latin Pop acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars. Sensual and seductive. Great for travel vlogs, lifestyle programming, and tv/film underscore

Operador Suave

loopable Sensual Latin Pop acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars and shaker. Great for travel vlogs, lifestyle tv/film, and commercials/ads

We Three Kings

Orchestral Metal version of a classic christmas song in 6/8 time. Dual chuggy guitar leads and rhythm accompanied by choral and brass section. Aggressive epic vibe. Suitable for christmas and holiday action and adventure content. Cool vlogs, and sports

Sinister Children

dark and ominous track with children choir, ambient and textural sounds, percussion, pulses, morphing brasses, and droning plucks. Evil, scary, and chilling. Great for horror and halloween content, mystery suspense tv film programming, and dark themes

Lofi Hiphop Ditty Uno

Lofi Chill Smooth Jazz Hiphop track with soothing vintage piano, bass, portamento, and hiphop old school drums. Chill relaxing vibe with vintage vinyl noise. Great for studying, lounge, and social media content

Lofi Hiphop Ditty Quatro

Chill lofi hiphop track with motown R&B vibes. trumpet as lead with groovy bass, piano, strings and guitar harmonics. Relaxed nostalgic atmosphere like listening to vinyl. great for studying, meditation, and background music

Lofi Hiphop Ditty Dos

Chill Lofi Hiphop track with r&b guitar focus. Downtempo melancholy study vibe. Suitable for vlogs and chill content
Yann Keerim
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