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Beer Break in the Garage (Bluesy Hard Rock)

Tough hard rock blues, featuring distorted guitar licks, bass, and hard-hitting drums. Perfect for anything relating to bars, beer, masculinity, the south, driving/trucks etc.

School Punk

A fun, down-to-earth and simple punk composition. Nostalgia for the school days when everyone wanted to play the guitar and beat the drums loudly. Perfect for dubbing youth themes and TV shows.

Summer Upbeat Rock

Live positively, live happily, live beautifully. Our new summer rock track conveys all these feelings: Positive, joy, happiness. Clockwork beat and interesting riff. For ease of editing, the archive includes short versions of 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds. Summer Upbeat Rock Full – 2:14 Summer Upbeat ...

High School Punk

It’s a good old school punk. The track fits perfectly into a youth comedy in the style of American Pie. A verse with development and a chorus with drive. All right.

Funy Punk

Positive youth punk is back! School, parties, beer and girls. If he is having fun, then to such music. The archive includes two versions of the track 1:45 and 3:00.

Garage Indie Rock

The tune of youth and independence. This is a real garage rock with an interesting guitar reef. Great for advertising and cinema.


A cheerful, positive, summer track specially recorded for use in video blogs and other positive projects. Perfectly suitable for children’s programs and advertising. The archive includes three versions: full – 2:20, short – 0:26, background – 1:13.

Summer Rock

We meet a new summer! A bright, positive, driving track using guitars with a fuse. Everything that the youth loves. The most important thing for scoring parties!

Summer Indie Rock

Brand melody embodies the youth life! Bright, fashionable, very rhythmic and energetic. This track is just universal! For convenience, the archive contains both full version and short. Summer Indie Rock – 2:10 Summer Indie Rock Short 1 – 1:24 Summer Indie Rock Short 2 – 0:38 Summer Indie Rock ...


British modern rock, with a brass section. A bright positive track conveying the spirit of Britain. Double-decker buses, prim policemen, black taxi, Big Ben. Such a track is ideal for voice acting of youth scenes: advertising, cinema, travel, parties. Archive includes: 1. Britpop – 2:09 sec 2. Bri...

Summer Punk

Summer positive youth punk track. Drive and youth! Beer, kisses and freedom. Authentic guitar sounds, major chords and good mood. At the end of the track is a beautiful solo. For convenience, the archive contains several versions of the track.

Beer Party

Beer party is a rocker garage track. Perfect for advertising youth products. Good for sports events, fights, races.

Action Grunge

Meet the new grunge. Hard, modern, powerful, aggressive. This is music of protest, this is music of struggle, this is the voice of revolution.

Tropical Fashion Beat

Fashionable dance music. Tropical motifs and voice samples. I feel like dancing. Good for advertising. Youth parties, recreation, parties.


Powerful, strong, loud track. If you voice scenes of fights – you need a track “Power”. If you are voicing wrestling, you need the “Power” track. If you are voicing race trucks – you need a track “Power”.

Big Rock

A powerful rhythmic rock track. Loud, bright shuffle. This punch! For advertising cars, sports events, and fitness centers. This track calls to action! Motivates you to move forward!

Irish St. Patricks Day with modern drums

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum, a modern drum kit and electric bass.

Irish St. Patricks Day traditional version

'Irish St. Patricks Day' is an folk song in the style of traditional Irish folk tunes. It consists of fiddle, Irish whistle flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin bodhrán drum and bass.

Melodic Punk

Youth dynamic punk rock in the style of California merry musicians. This track is good for student videos and sports reviews.

First Day of Summer

Fast and energetic young rock music with high energy and a modern commercial vibe. Perfect for tv advertising, radio and films. It’s a cool track that makes you feel good!
Yann Keerim
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