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Happy Life Fun

High energy indie pop type track featuring driving beat, upbeat acoustic guitar, catchy synth melodies, warm pads and lively percussion. Evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and joy. Perfect for advertising, commercials, background, presentations, vlogs, podcasts, film, YouTube, promos and more.

Guitar Slinger

A melodic, mid-tempo, Bob Seger type instrumental with nice rhythmic guitar-driven bluesy feel, with a subtle use of keys, electronic drums, nice standard song structure musical changes and feel-good guitar solo.

Summer Indie Rock

Brand melody embodies the youth life! Bright, fashionable, very rhythmic and energetic. This track is just universal! For convenience, the archive contains both full version and short. Summer Indie Rock – 2:10 Summer Indie Rock Short 1 – 1:24 Summer Indie Rock Short 2 – 0:38 Summer Indie Rock ...

Tropical Night Dancing

Easy dancing tropical track. A mixture of retro and new styles. Chop vocals and other modern insets. The sound conveys well the feelings of romance of love and happiness.

Tropic EDM

Fashionable dance track. Motivational motive, inspiring a positive mood. Everything will be fine! Dance and enjoy youth. The track is made according to the standards of dance music, it is easily divided into parts.

Summer Pop

Pleasant tropical rain and the smell of the sea. This track has it all, and a popular beat, and a nice guitar, and chop vocals. The rhythm of the sun and the sea. The rhythm of love and kisses. Ideal for the music of Lovestory.

Dirty Electro Piano

Bright, massive, energetic, inspiring track with electronic glitch sounds and wobble distortion. It is a perfect choice for a video about high-tech, computer animation, car, presentations, web, blog and more.
Yann Keerim
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