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One Day

Modern hybrid and impactful dark epic track. Drama and tension is introduced in the low brass, accentuated percussion and trailer hits are joining as well as short strings. Quickly, the track rises in tension and fullness by introducing a heroic yet dark melody line with choir, brass and strings. T...


Modern hybrid trailer track accompanied by gritty lead guitars, big epic choir and trailer hits. Aggressively pushing and pulsating, this track introduces anarchy in the percussion and feels pumped through the dark electric guitar, wide orchestra and accentuated strings. Very cinematic and trailer-l...

Epic Meltdown

Modern, hybrid and dark epic track. Very vigorous and pumping in the percussion and overall short strings. Impactful and eery choir, leaves you with a feeling that judgement day has come. Ideal for dark and cinematic impact, trailer and opener.

Victory Ahead

Modern and dark driven epic track with accentuated strings and aggressive percussion, hybrid synth elements and melodic arrangement. Rather dark and pumped in the drums. Together with the trailer effects, this track is driving and engaging. Ideal for victorious cues, combat or opener as in trailer a...

Digital Tech - Loop Version

Futuristic electronic track featuring organic sounds and abstract electronic synths. Suitable for motion graphics, tech and commercial videos. Good for advertising, presentation, fashion show, promo, TV, YouTube content, business video, experimental video projects, abstract performance, openers etc....

Ocean Ten

Ocean Ten is a jazzy, vintage, cool, funky music, featuring electric piano, electric guitars, horns, winds, upright bass, drums. Perfect for: casino videos, cool videos, lifestyle and fashion, GoPro travel footage, car videos, cinema production, advertising, commercials, comedy, urban videos, prese...

Successful Future

This one is optimistic and highly motivational music in pop-rock style with great encouraging impact. Perfect background for advertising, product promo, inspiring speeches, business videos, corporate presentations, real estate promos, uplifting videos, and more.

World In Trouble

Big emotional epic track with large orchestra. Very rich in orchestration and the use of accentuated texture. Dynamically varied in tension and drama, the chord progression is accompanied by orchestral percussion and progressing rhythmic patterns. Together with the emotional heroic melody in the sil...

Business Dance

Business dance is a positive and motivational electronic audio track. Clear and crispy synth leads with a simple and happy melody playing along. Can be used for corporate product promo, slideshow / presentation, advertisement or as background music on a multitude of media.

Jazz Hands

There's nothing quite like a bit of Big Band Jazz! A fun, swinging Jazz tune with a blend of dynamic breaks and a smooth, cool verses with chirpy melodies. Perfect to use for videos, movies, commercials, advertising, YouTube, Instagram, social media, Vimeo and more.

Lets Go Home

Serious sounding electronic melody. Can convey a sense of high profile accomplishments. The mood of this dance background track is atmospheric and dreamy. Tight bassline, beat, synths with soft piano in the background.

Doing the Grind

Electronic technology oriented track. Could be used as a "modern" motivational corporate music track. The emotion of a serious business is applicable to this piece as well. While this track may be usable in your corporate presentation or it could also be used for motivational infographics, vlogs or ...


A slow and relaxing track filled with ambient sounds. Perfect for peaceful images or meditation.
Yann Keerim
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