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This is Percussion

This is Percussion Percussion – An energetic, dynamic and powerful percussion track with stomps, kicks, snaps and claps, perfectly suited for your project such as – sports, lifestyle, gopro, trailers, movies, games, dynamic slideshows and much more!

The Future Bass

Future Bass – Upbeat and energetic EDM track with a catchy melody, massive synth chords and modern drum section! Perfect for Commercial, Radio, TV, Advertising, private videos, travel, sports, life-style, parties, party announces, events, fast slideshow and much more..


An inspiring corporate-styled track with cinematic percussion, electric guitar, and synth pads to create a powerful soundscape. Perfect for any type of business media, advertising campaigns, social media content, and more.

My Journey

Corporate tech track, with beautiful muted guitars, pianos, synths, kicks, and percussion - best suited for commercials, technical vlogs or explanations, reviews, and colorful presentations.

Positive Hopeful Underscore

A lively, modern organic underscore track, featuring bright piano, energetic strings, interesting acoustic textures and patterns, driving drums and light percussion. Creating an optimistic, determined mood. For stories of hope, persistent optimism, growing faith, increasing belief, human interest, f...

Building Confident Inspiration

A dynamic, inspirational orchestral track, featuring piano, beautiful strings, light woodwinds, big brass, snare drum and powerful cinematic percussion. Starting with a playful piano motif, multiple levels of build, leading to a strong climax. Facing challenges, achieving goals, overcoming obstacles...

The Winner Is Fanfare

An epic opening fanfare, featuring big brass, cinematic strings, orchestral percussion and dynamic drums. Perfect for award shows, opening ceremonies, monumental movie studio logos, film production company logo, opening curtain, prestigious red carpet, presentation, exciting sport event, promotion, ...

Fiery Tango

A passionate and melodic Tango track that features a string quartet, an acoustic guitar, a trumpet, and percussion. It is great for movies, films, documentaries, advertisements, commercials, and more.

Dramatic Tension

A tense, nervous organic tension track, featuring busy piano, energetic strings, epic brass and orchestral percussion. Styled for any kind of frantic, unsettling scene. Building pressure, growing danger, rising threat, on the edge, restless night, suspense, fear.

Uplifting Optimistic Inspiration

A confident, motivational corporate track, featuring bright piano, determined electric guitars, modern string patterns, vibrant synths and a slick four on the floor drum beat. Starting with catchy piano chords, building to an inspiring, driving final section. For positive stories that inspire and mo...

Epic Cinematic Background

"Epic Cinematic Background" is an uplifting emotional epic music track, designed to work along with corporate videos, explainers, product presentations, movies, trailers, drone and wedding videos. It features an emotional piano, orchestral strings, horns and percussion, as well as risers and drops ...

Emperor Of China

Festive and upbeat Chinese cinematic music with powerful and energetic sound, it's perfect for getting your audience in a celebratory mood, especially during the Chinese New Year season and other national holidays. Featuring traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa, erhu and guzheng, as well...

Building Determination

An inspirational, epic orchestral track, featuring piano, dulcimer, energetic strings, big brass, snare drum and cinematic percussion. Starting with an engaging piano motif, multiple levels of build, leading to a powerful climax. Facing challenges, reaching goals against all odds, overcoming obstacl...

Chill Factor (Chillout)

A gentle and tender musical theme for photo montages, nature scenes and sensitive subjects of all kinds. Smooth-sailing and reminiscent.

Brewing Storm

A tense, dramatic organic tension track, featuring repetitive dulcimer, busy piano, energetic strings, pulsing textures and orchestral percussion. Building urgency without becoming too heavy. Styled for any kind of suspenseful, foreboding scene. Dark clouds approach, growing danger, threat, apprehen...

Building Corporate Motivation

A determined, motivational corporate track, featuring modern piano, muted guitars, energetic string patterns and a slick drum beat. Starting with bright piano chords and a four to the floor kick drum, building to an inspiring, driving final section. For positive stories that inspire and motivate: po...

The Secret (Piano & Orchestra Lyrical Adventure)

An emotional track, starting with a soft piano and cello melody, leading to a more dynamic full orchestra second part, with a heroic brass lead and returning to a soft piano closing. Great for a variety of projects, like films, videos, commercials or documentaries.
Yann Keerim
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