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Eraser is a dynamic, energetic, powerful and brutal track. When creating a track heavy sounds of electric guitars and bass, live sounds of a powerful drum kit, electronic sounds, as well as cinematic sounds of trailer music were used.

Intense Suspense

Suspenseful dark background track presenting an intense sense of urgency. Will work great in media seeking tension and suspense.

Real Trombones Sliding Cartoon SFX

This is the genuine sliding sound made by two trombones. Perfect for cartoons and animation, the possibilities are endless! This clip can also help with YouTube videos, slide backgrounds, websites, commercials, film, video games, slideshows, tutorials, introductions, podcasts, explainer videos, adve...

The Tension Is Real

Suspenseful background track featuring gamelan, piano, celeste and more. The theme slowly builds and grows more intense introducing strings and percussive elements.

Defeated Soul

Tension cue full of sadness and defeat. Synth textures and piano guitar melody lines encompass this underscore style track. Somber vibe great for TV/Film underscore or theme song

Annihilation of the Doomed

Aggressive dark trailer track featuring heavy guitars, pounding percussion, pulsing synthesizers set towards a dramatic orchestral background.

Lock And Load

Dark hard-hitting trailer track featuring toxic sounding synthesizers, guitars, heavy percussion and ominous sound design. The build-up and segmentation in different parts enables editors to easily navigate the cues they need.

Operation Suspense

A dark suspenseful action track driven onward by heavy hitting percussion, the sound of menacing cello's and horns.

Alien Encounter

Hybrid electronic and industrial track featuring heavy synthesizers, distorted guitars and aggressive drums. The hard-hitting, tense mood makes this track perfect to use in games, films, trailers or any production seeking an original high quality musical outfit.

Rip and Tear

Atmospheric extreme-metal track with synths, duble-kick and low-tuned guitars. Perfect for extreme sport, racing, box and other videos.


Modern metal with gained guitars, synths and loud drums

Black Planet

Powerful, brutal, and groovy metal track with low-tuned riffs and puchy drums

The Perfect Storm

This is aggressive, energy and powerful rock trailer. Ideal for web videos, advertising, sports, education, travel, trailers, youtube, tv, action movies and commercials.

Race Circuit

High energy hard rock track for advertising and cinema. Modern heavy overdriven guitar and synth sound.

Tick Tack Doom

An ominous brooding track consisting of ticking elements, dark analog synthesizer sounds evoking a sense of pending doom. There is also a version without the ticking included to cater to your wishes and specific needs.

Industrial Horror Station

An ominous soundscape consisting of horror sounds, menacing synthesizer bass sounds and creepy atmospheric noises.

Doomed Soundscape

Dark and ominous soundscape consisting of brooding analog synthesizers and lost piano motif. The track evokes a sense of darkness and suspense.

Nightmare Lane

A dark, creepy and unnerving track featuring disturbing cellos and violins techniques, ethereal choirs and other dark sfx. Great fit for horror, thriller and scary productions or any project that needs an ominous background music.
Yann Keerim
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