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Doomed Soundscape

Dark and ominous soundscape consisting of brooding analog synthesizers and lost piano motif. The track evokes a sense of darkness and suspense.

The Darkest Hour Suspenseful Soundscape

Very tense soundscape evoking a bleak terrifying atmosphere. The track consists mostly of real analog synthesizers that collectively contribute to the organic quality of this track.

No Looking Back Thriller Background

Suspenseful and dark background theme featuring an ominous piano, bells and analog synthesiser pads.

Investigating the Dark

Ominous and tense background track consisting of brooding strings and synthesizer elements. The obscure and dense quality of the piece paints a bleak and somewhat dangerous atmosphere.

Desolation and Confusion

Suspenseful background track communicating a sense of worry, drama and overthinking. The melancholic piano theme is being moved forward by ominous strings, ticking and tense sounds.

An Ominous Investigation Background

Dark and suspenseful background track consisting of piano, strings, synthesizers and ominous rhythmic sounds. Perfect to use in investigative documentaries, crime series, movie trailers or any other production seeking a suspenseful musical background.

A Dark Secret Suspenseful Background

An ominous brooding background track consisting of piano, strings and synthesizers. The slow creeping developing music leaves space for narration or other elements and is therefore perfectly suitable to use in your film, documentary or other production.

Hesitation and Worry Background

A suspenseful and melancholic background track painting an ominous and tense atmosphere. The central piano theme is moved forward by ticking and other rhythmic elements.

Call To Action

Somber and mournful strings build cinematically with delicate piano and acoustic guitar melodies. Ideal for trailers, documentaries, dramatic nature footage, news & politics.

In The Bleak Midwinter

A fresh arrangement of the popular Christmas classic with piano, festive sleigh bells and light backing. Emotional, dreamy and soft, this track is a perfect accompaniment to your holiday project.

Inevitable - Full Mix

Atmospheric, slightly dark and cool synth pop trailer with 1980s and 1990s retro sounds, a melancholic theme, groovy-pulsating synths and a halftime beat.

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

A solo classical guitar arrangement of Holst’s In the Bleak Mid-Winter.

Seeps In (Cinematic Suspense Horror)

Building, dark, bleak and extremely creepy tone to this gothic instrumental. Post apocalyptic hellscape meets intense psychological thriller. Scary but not slasher vibe. A sustained, icy tone throughout. A mix of different choir elements makes this great for horror movies, trailer & video game use.

Cold Winds

Atmospheric and emotional cinematic track. Haunting strings with synths and subtle evocative vocals. Mysterious and moody.

To The Sea (Cinematic Pacific World Maori)

A simple track filled with longing and melancholy. Flutes with a lot of movement and underlying bass tones combine to create a feel of loss and hope in equal measure.

After the War (Dramatic Cinematic Orchestral)

A track which conveys a feeling of great loss - the long walk home from battle after losing everything. Lonely & cold. Invokes feelings of loss or hopelessness, darkness and the struggle to get back to a normal life. Deep cello & trombone add to the sadness. Grief and grieving.

Contagion (Cinematic Dark Suspense Electronic)

Dark electro track. A pulsing electro bass along with building effects give a feeling of tension and hopelessness. Perfect for portraying a bleak future or post-apocalyptic vision.
Yann Keerim
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