Jeffrey Zielke - 10 tracks

Jeffrey is a Canadian film score, and production music, composer. He has composed multiple sound scores for documentaries and short films, and has also composed and produced the music score for a feature film out of Montreal. Stories and ideas inspire Jeffrey to write music that has meaning, emotion, and beauty.

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Brahms Lullaby (piano and synth)

An intimate solo piano arrangement of the sleepy classic lullaby, composed by Johannes Brahms (d 1897). Dream of sleep with this lullaby version.

Sweet Embrace at Last

A warm embrace of love and longing – a longing finally fulfilled! Together, home at last! A rush of excitement that extends into a time of reflection and peace of mind. Orchestral sound.

Edgy Contingency

Hold on to the edge with this contemporary strings, piano, and percussion piece! Featuring tense solo violin and cello, coupled with piercing orchestral strings and raw percussive elements. Useful in suspenseful documentaries and trailers with building tension.

Entangled Concern

Tension and timely concern are evoked through worrying string harmonies, ticking percussion, and pulsing kick drum and bass. Useful for film scenes where the character feels uncertainty about future events.

Silent Night Celesta and Violin

Childlike and innocent, soft and tender, this arrangement of the classic Christmas carol “Silent Night” features solo celesta, which is later joined by the beautiful sounds of solo violin and strings.

Vapidly Lonesome

Inspired by “The Revenant Main Theme” (by Ryuichi Sakamoto), this is a dark, vapid, and spacious, minimalist piece, for intense inner drama and turmoil, with orchestral strings, horns, and drones.

O Come O Come Emmanuel (Guitar)

An acoustic guitar rings out clear into the ‘night’, yearning and rejoicing, with this intimate rendition of the Christmas classic, “O Come O Come Emmanuel”.

Brahms Lullaby

An orchestral arrangement of the beautiful and classic lullaby composed by Johannes Brahms (d 1897), full of tender piano and woodwinds, lush strings, and pulling harmonies. Great for bedtime related advertisements and promotions.

What Child Is This Guitar and Strings

A Christmas carol classic, “What Child Is This”. Full of hope and expectation. Led by emotional acoustic guitar, and joined with the sound of warm lush strings.
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