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Wondrous Worlds

Inspirational uplifting orchestral track presenting a wondrous piano theme.

Aeckland Castle

Great orchestration of epic adventure for video games, historical and fantasy films.

Huangshan Mountain

The beauty of the huangshan mountain whose peaks pierce the sea of clouds. Chinese orchestral music.


Haunting orchestral horror track, composed and produced in an authentic way.

Romantic Waltz

A sentimental classical waltz performed by a string quartet. It is excellent background music suitable for advertisements, commercials, movies, video games, documentaries, and more.

Subtle Elegance

A romantic and gentle solo piano track that sets a calm and elegant mood. Ideal for films, TV, videos, weddings and more.

Gentle Soul

Bright and inspiring, piano based music background for commercials, radio and tv projects, animations etc…


An intimate song for vocals and piano, with tender lyrics and a simple melody line, ideal for an emotional film scene.

Ochre Chorus

An ambient vocal piece which creates an angelic and spiritual atmosphere, which has choral and Classical influences.


A moving piece for Cello and piano, with dynamic swells and strong themes. The track constantly builds towards a passionate ending and is ideal for moving scenes in film and television.

Falling Flowers

Perfect for love stories, slideshow, soft and tender videos, beautiful scenes, classical videos, nature, timelapse, wedding album and other inspiring projects.

The Jade Forest

The jade forest appears before my eyes, a resplendent green. We then feel the magic that sets in with the piano and the warm strings.

Powerful Dramatic Soundtrack

An epic cinematic piece inducing suspense and thrill. It features violins, violas, cellos, synths and powerful drums. It is excellent as background music in movies, films, commercials, documentaries, video games, and more.

Smooth Classical Guitar

A smooth track featuring a melodic classical guitar and a chill hip-hop beat. It is excellent as background music in commercials, advertisements, films, movies, video games, and more.


Emotional classical piano music for your documentary, video production, films and more...

Emotional Song

Emotional cinematic piano music for your film production, television, commercials, documentary and more..

Empire Of Lies

Cinematic classical music. Perfect for documentary background, historical films, video

Love Theme

Emotional, nostalgic, and positive piano background, featuring soft piano, strings, and solo violin. Perfect background music for emotional and positive moments in movies, films, trailers, presentations, video games, commercials, TV, YouTube videos, documentaries, vlogs, motivational videos, and mo...

Love Is Blind

This track is perfect for sentimental slideshow, social and documentary vodeo, advertise, youtube blog, wedding and love story, app and other projects
Yann Keerim
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