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Sunny Rain

Featuring wonderful cellos, atmospheric violins, beautiful piano melody, tight contrabasses, bright trumpets and brass, cinematic drums and percussions

Golden October

Perfect for dramatic movies, films, social media and more

Wedding Day

Warm mood romantic piano sound for dramatic and tender backgrounds

Seeking Freedom

Positive, energetic, rhythmic and rousing pop rock for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Without You

Powerful, rich and disturbing progressive metal composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Friendly Warm Background Cue

Warm and friendly sounding theme consisting of piano, guitar, marimba, strings and other elements. Will work perfectly as the theme for a podcast, documentary or any other production.


An orchestral track with a dark and ominous low strings and brass first part, leading to a mysterious and emotional second part. Great for background music in films, videos and other productions needing a suspenseful and sentimental atmosphere.


A hybrid track with a dark and airy synth opening and a second atmospheric strings part leading to an emotional climax. Great for films, videos, documentaries and other content needing a touch of mystery.

Break Free

A mid tempo metal riff with a simple distorted cello melody, creating a dymanic and inspiring atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, presentations, commercials and various other projects.

The Seventh Sign

A dark hybrid orchestral track with a subtle piano melody, pads and strings ostinati, evolving to a strings and brass climax, creating an anxious and mysterious vibe. Great for trailers, films, video games, documentaries and other productions needing a dramatic and intense atmosphere.

Conglomerate - Bright Inspiring Corporate Music

This corporate music piece seamlessly integrates lively percussion and pulsating synths, crafting an atmosphere charged with energy and motion. With its driving rhythm and catchy melodies, it's perfect for adding excitement to any project, from business presentations to promotional videos.

Wings Of Destiny

Dramatic, exciting, inspiring and epic composition for movies and games, trailers, teasers, advertising and other projects! Instruments in track: drums, basses, cellos, violins, trumpets, trombones and piano. Enjoyable listening!

In Dreams

Sensual, sentimental, dreamy and touching composition for movies, games and other projects! It is well suited for videos with romantic, hearty and inspirational scenes. Enjoyable listening!

Distant Sorrow

Sentimental, inspired, compassionate and relaxing composition for your video, audio collections and other projects. Perfect for film and games with a sad, sentimental, sensual and tragic scenes, also dramatic and sorrowful endings. Thanks for listening!

The Wanderer

Warm, lyrical, relaxing and laid-back composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Ochre Chorus

An ambient vocal piece which creates an angelic and spiritual atmosphere, which has choral and Classical influences.


A moving piece for Cello and piano, with dynamic swells and strong themes. The track constantly builds towards a passionate ending and is ideal for moving scenes in film and television.

Cool Stomp Clap Percussion Commercial

Fun and energetic percussion beat music track. Perfect background music for a commercial, advertising, social media post, product presentation, ads, radio bumpers and stingers and more

Our Story

Inspiration beautiful background track. Perfect for advertisements, slideshows, promos, presentations, podcasts, travel videos, YouTube, and more

Dark Obsession

A dark atmospheric track with a piano and synth repeating pattern creating a tense and mysterious vibe. Great for films, trailers, games, videos and other projects needing an airy and suspenseful music background.

Deafening Silence

A calm piano track with strings background, creating a soft and sentimental atmosphere. Ideal for background music in videos, emotional scenes, wedding footage, presentations and various other projects.
Yann Keerim
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