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Returning Home

A melodic orchestral track with a calm harp and woodwinds opening, leading to a full orchestra emotional climax. Perfect for background music in romantic trailers, films, YouTube videos, presentations and wherever a sentimental atmosphere is needed.


A dark hybrid orchestral track with a combination of ambient sounds, synths and strings ostinato and a sparse ambient piano melody. Great for tension scenes, trailers, games, videos and any project requiring an atmospheric and intense music.

Sad Story

Music for documentary projects, television, inspirational videos, and any project needing a gentle romantic sad background

A New Hope

Great for science video, corporate projects, commercials, presentations, advertisement, promos and more


Piano Inspiring track with motivational and inspirational moods. Perfect for food videos, children, vlogs, and any commercial projects.

Meadows - Acoustic Corporate Inspiring and Motivating

Immerse yourself in this tender and intimate acoustic composition inspired by the bucolic views of green meadows. It features acoustic guitars and piano for an intimate introduction, that evolves into a pop-rock track, including drums, electric guitars, and synthesizers. Perfect addition for your co...

Space Travels

Wondrous orchestral Sci-Fi theme, an epic film score music unfolding a fantastical outer space journey getting more and more agitated. Amazing harmonic progressions help to create a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere, with passionate strings, majestic brass, evocative opera choirs and pressing perc...

Heartbroken Spy

Soulful, desperate orchestral theme with a cinematic spy story feeling. A majestic dramatic ballad with a 60's Big Band jazzy quality, featuring a powerful horn section, strings, piano and drums. The music has some kind of dark and final yet seductive mood.

Irish Legacy

Bright and proud Irish folk music with traditional instruments: fiddle violin, tin whistle, guitars, accordion and bodhran drum. A festive dance rhythm that celebrates the Celtic heritage, evoking a cheerful Irish pub atmosphere and the scent of freshly brewed beer and shamrocks.

Falling In Love

Emotional and romantic love theme for strings and orchestra. Expressive and flowing violins underscore the perfect cinematic love scene, with a harp that enriches the dreamy and blissful atmosphere. Slow tempo and calm, soft dynamics.

Romantic Glory

Perfect for the emotional, dramatic, romantic, romantic videos. Also for commercial and advertising purposes.

Paths of Destiny

An anthemic orchestral track with an atmospheric strings and choirs opening, a darker strings and brass middle part, leading to a heroic and emotional finale. Great for films, trailers, advertising, video games and various other productions.

All the way up

A motivational and inspirational hiphop beat with a positive vibe. Ideal background music for any sort of podcast, vlog, educational video, lifestyle videos, workout videos, youtube videos, advertising, radio commercials, film, sports, cybersports, gaming, cinematic, trailers, teasers, montage, prom...


Great for action-drama TV and movie scenes. Works well in moments of contemplation or suspense. Brooding vibe. 90s-inspired hard rock, with a slow, grinding almost sludgy feel (reminiscent of the grunge/post-grunge days). Features full band ensemble including distorted electric guitars, bass, drum...

The beauty - Emotional strings (Epic, Cinematic, orchestra, motivational)

Exciting music with strings and orchestra for an epic scene or for an exciting tale. Perfect also for a historical documentary, for videos of artistic cities in Italy such as Florence, Rome or Venice, for spectacular landscapes or for the sale of a valuable product such as wine.

The top of the Wave (Electronic, trap, dark, ispiring, philosophy, automotive)

Intriguing beat trap, perfect for describing a technological product or for an exciting and interesting narration or a philosophy of life.
Yann Keerim
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