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Mindful Background Ambience

Deep relaxing background music bed consisting of hopeful calming musical elements that keep a peaceful tone going. Perfect to use in your guided meditation, commercial, nature documentary or other production in need of a high quality peaceful music bed.

Medical Documentary Music Tool

A quiet played piano, bells, arpeggios and synth pads creating the perfect music bed for your documentary. The combination of piano and bells creates a typical medical documentary sound but it can easily be used as a nice underscore in any kind of production, particularly nature or science themed to...

Night Sleep LoFi

Night Sleep LoFi is Relaxed instrumental beat for your video, podcast and other projects modern background chillout ambient will be good for fashion videos, calm promotional, beauty vlogs, girls make up videos, intro/outro beauty videos, travel, wedding, unboxing, radio, podcast, glamour and luxury ...

Dark Sad East Instrumental

Dark Sad East Instrumental Dreamy, tension, suspense and atmospheric, this music paints the skies with a distant electric piano playing different notes upon an string long and string piccato, flute background.


Positive house track using ukulele. Folk motifs, catchy motif, clear groove, all that is needed for a fashionable sound. Perfect for advertising and video blogs. This track can easily sound on Ibiza and other dance festivals of the world. This is your chance to use it in your project. For convenienc...

Happy Mushroom Kids Fun

Friendly uplifting children's theme arranged with marimba, strings and woodwinds. The classical regal touch gives this short piece a magical, fairytale vibe and therefor it could well be used in commercials, theme parks, cartoons, animations or any production seeking a happy tone. This piece has...

Piano Trap

Quiet, beautiful, relaxing track using the piano, rhythm section in the style of the trap, vocal sample and additional electronic sounds for background music in advertising, youtube, vlog and other your projects.

Peaceful Spacesynth

A quiet electronic track in the style of the 80’s using hardware synthesizers (pad, lead, poly synth, bass) and samples of old school drum machines. This music is suitable for retro, video game reviews, nostalgia, slideshows and other projects.


Inspirational and reflective background track to use in your documentary, podcast, tv show or other program. Marimba, celeste and piano create a quiet and considerate atmosphere. My portfolio is protected by Identifyy. After you buy a license to one of my tracks it is extremely easy to clear it vi...
Yann Keerim
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