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O Come All Ye Faithful (Angelic Version)

Composer: Neil Cross
Peaceful arrangement of the popular Christmas classic with synth choir and organ. Calm, emotional and thoughtful.


Composer: NC MUSIC
Sombre, dramatic orchestral piece with oboe, strings. Very emotional and powerful atmosphere.

Angelic Ambient Guitar Background

Composer: Aquilo
Ambient track with electric guitar and piano fitting for slow motion or time-lapse use in the background. In the style of Brian Eno or Harold Budd.

Angelic Rescue (Dramatic Choral Soundtrack)

Composer: Ramazan Yuksel
A Sad Requiem song with dramatic female choral voice.Emotional, lost, defeated and pessimistic. Touching melodies with a choral harmony. Ideal for after battle scenes or medieval age movies and video games. Film Score, Instrumental Background, Orchestral Music.

Cinematic Movie Strings (Choral Angelic Filmscore)

Composer: Ramazan Yuksel
A dramatic dreamy soundtrack. Choral background with piano and synth pads. Very slow tempo with long chords and melodic notes. Very fantastic choir sound and strings ensemble.

Angelic Logo

Composer: Bradley White
This logo features a choir singing a simple chord progression followed by an impact and hints of water sounds.

This Is Christmas

Composer: artsygoat
A Christmassy, festive and triumphant orchestral music track, with dreamy and magical Christmas vibe! Bright and shining like a star! Holy, jolly and merry like Christmas! Featuring sleigh bells, music box, glockenspiel, strings ensemble, Angelic children’s choir, harp, vibes, trombone, tuba and p...


Composer: Media_M
This is inspirational, positive classical piece with uplifting cinematic orchestral sound and optimistic atmosphere. This beautiful and motivational royalty free music will be perfect as background audio for any video or multimedia projects.

Intro – Epic Choir

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
A driving beat using orchestral percussion underpins some angelic vocalizations that float over the top of Epic Choir. It’s a meeting of the earthly and the heavenly in one impactful track. It’s a amazing choice for fantasy content, video games marketing or sci fi programming.

Sincere Moment

Composer: MusicTrend
This is emotional and romantic cinematic music with piano featuring. Beautiful piano fills with warm pad, strings and acoustic guitar creating lovely, sweet and hopeful atmosphere. This touching royalty free music can perfectly fit as background for weddings, love stories, soft drama, melodrama, pr...

Gentle and Charming

Composer: MusicTrend
This is sweet and gentle cinematic music with romantic and mellow mood. This beautiful royalty free track can be perfect background for wedding stories, lovely and sentimental videos, touching and intimate moments, sincere and serene videos.

Space For New Ideas

Composer: MusicTrend
This is warm and beautiful atmospheric track with elegant and peaceful mood. This royalty free background music can perfectly fit for any presentations, promo videos, business and corporate videos, youtube advertising, storytellings, romantic trips or other inspiring multimedia projects.

Towards The Light

Composer: MusicTrend
This is inspirational classical piece with uplifting cinematic orchestral sound and optimistic atmosphere. This beautiful and motivational royalty free music will be perfect as background audio for any video or multimedia projects.

When Magic Happens

Composer: MusicTrend
This is inspiring cinematic music with magical atmosphere and beautiful fairy mood. This elegant and gentle royalty free track will be perfect background for wedding videos, cinematic videos, travel and adventure videos, touching and emotional moments, lovely storytelling videos.

Between Two Worlds

Composer: MusicTrend
This is calm and atmospheric ambient track with feeling of huge space, peace and contemplation. This meditative, mellow and emotional royalty free music will be perfect background for any video and multimedia projects.

Daddy's Groove

Composer: Mr. Terrible
Very funky electric bass driven track with an angelic and atmospheric feel.

Feelgood Whistling Upbeat Pop

Composer: artsygoat
An uplifting, motivational, summer, indie pop track, with an unforgettable, catchy and flowing whistling melody, calm, cheerful, unique and dreamy vibe, peaceful, celebratory and lively mood! The smooth and heartwarming atmosphere will take you back to sweet memories! The groove will make you move ...

Sad Violin & Cello Stinger

Composer: artsygoat
A sad, touching, heartbreaking but also tranquil, mellow and hopeful piece of music that will bring tears in your eyes, peace in your soul and courage in your heart… Perfect for: Sad scenes, Sad event opener, Drama movies, Fallen Heroes videos, Destruction movies, Sad intro, Dramatic films, Trail...


Composer: artsygoat
Majestic, triumphant and epic cinematic pirate battle hymn, full of passion, tension, action and adventure, with a glorious, pompous and heroic character, dramatic, determined and war mood and wild pirate courage heart and soul... The massive string orchestra with an exceptional, remarkable, inspir...
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