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Beyond the Machines Time Corporate

Instrumental Corporate electronic music composed for synthesizers, muted and electric guitars, ideal for sci-fi movies and TV series, science and tech documentaries and commercials and advertising. Also great for futuristic and dystopic topics in media projects.


Powerful and energetic, motivational track created by piano, guitar, as well as orchestral instruments, giving the track at the epic atmosphere. This music is perfect for movies, television, sports, advertising, presentations, etc.

Morning Coffee & Inspiration

Bright, sunny and very positive acoustic track, great for corporate and commercial usage.

Emotional Inspiring Piano

Beautiful, inspiring, calm and emotional piano music. An excellent choice for your project. Perfect for a romantic video, family album, wedding videos, etc.

Feel the Freedom

"Feel the Freedom" is an inspiring and uplifting corporate track created by mixing two styles: Rock and House. This track will be the perfect addition to your corporate Multimedia Projects summary.

Another Beautiful Day

Optimistic and dynamic track that will inspire you and give a lot of positive emotions. Perfect for presentations, home videos, slides, etc.

Happy Acoustic

inspirational and motivational track features acoustic guitars, orchestral strings, piano, drums, claps, bells. Perfect background for TV commercials, promotional videos, presentations, tutorial videos and any other video projects.

Loving You

A light, happy lofi track with cool jazz guitar and whistlling melodies. Celeste piano adding a sweet touch and a warm punchy lofi hiphop type beat.

Out in the Wilderness

A gunslinging acoustic country track creating an atmosphere of wild west scenes and the big outdoors. With slide electric guitar adding the perfect country western atmosphere. Perfect for outdoor vlogs and travel projects

A Hope for Tomorroiw Corporate

Instrumental uplifting corporate music made for synthesizers, electric and muted guitars and strings, ideal for Science and Technology commercials, advertising and ads.
Yann Keerim
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