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Such a thing is Love

This story, most likely, lived in every heart ! But if you still have not experienced these living emotions, then you just need to feel it !!!

Happy Mushroom Kids Fun

Friendly uplifting children's theme arranged with marimba, strings and woodwinds. The classical regal touch gives this short piece a magical, fairytale vibe and therefor it could well be used in commercials, theme parks, cartoons, animations or any production seeking a happy tone. This piece has...

Tropical Pop

A stylish dynamic atmospheric energy positive track with elements of tropical house, vocal samples, chill-out and fashion lounge music. This track is created for summer entertainment videos, fashion shows, lifts and markets, party and afterparty reviews and interviews.

Tropical Mood

Tropical style track with marimbas, flutes, electronic sounds and deep rhythm sections. This music is a good choice for youtube reviews, travel, summer holidays, beaches, presentations and many other projects.

Timelapse Lounge

Experimental track with the use of voice samples, pianos, strings and slow rhythm section for timelapse video, lounge, travel, relaxation, youtube and many other your projects.

The Future

This atmospheric, tranquil ambient track using electric pianos, bright electronic sounds, synthesized arpeggios and deep rhythm section is an excellent choice for chill, future, video about technology, innovations, slideshows, advertising, presentations and many other your projects.

Stylish Fashion

A warm house-style track for fashion shows, slides, videos for beauty, relaxation, travel, YouTube and for many of your other projects.

Space Relaxing Ambient

Atmospheric ambient track with soothing moving pad. Perfect for soothing and beautiful videos.


Calm ambient cinematic track with a string group, harp, slow rhythm section and a small glitch effects. It is well suited for presentations, advertisements, slow-mo, trailers and more.

Rising Cosmic Ambient Horror

Growing deep space sounds are very quiet in a very loud sound. Perfectly suitable for horror movies, movies about space, and more.

Piano Trap

Quiet, beautiful, relaxing track using the piano, rhythm section in the style of the trap, vocal sample and additional electronic sounds for background music in advertising, youtube, vlog and other your projects.

Texas Dark Police

Cool and powerful cinematic alternative rock track in style of “Breaking Bad” soundtrack and Metallica music. Calm blues and hard rock parts of track is good for video editing.

Spy Action Epic

Epic spy trailer track. This powerful track will attract attention. Guitar reef and brass section make the sound fantastic. The archive has two versions of the track. But, thanks to the pauses, you can easily cut the track into shorter versions. As you wish. There is a powerful solo part, a calm cou...

Piano Inspiration

“Piano Inspiration” – Inspiring, hopeful and beautiful cinematic soundtrack. Touching, solemn, tender, elegant, encouraging; feelings of joy for your media work. Perfect for background music in slideshows, inspirational commercials, motivational and uplifting presentations, coaching, personal ...
Yann Keerim
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