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Broken Ballerina

The toy ballerina played her wonky music box as all the other toys danced in joy to pretty, lush, nostalgic little beats, only to be interrupted. "Shush! It's a human! Act toy-ish!" As he passed by, the mean bully kid roared and menaced the others: "leave it alone! it's just a broken ballerina...

Foetal Position

The feeling of wanting to just “curl up” and hide, with hints of hope throughout and might fool into thinking things are calming down and soothing, but dissonant subliminal “suggestions” in form of ethereal melodies keep dragging it to the feel on inevitable need to just confront life as it ...

GRIEG: Waltz, Op. 12 No. 2 for Piano (from Lyrical Pieces)

License Edvard Grieg's Waltz, Op. 12 No. 2 for Piano (from Lyrical Pieces) for commercial productions. The track is playful, joyful in the first movement. The second part has a downtempo lyrical melody.

Virtual Lucidity [Electronic Floating Trip Hop Technology Dreamy]

Virtual Lucidity is a chill and floating electronic track with a focused and confident trip hop vibe. Features serious synth bass, dreamy synth pads, glitchy percussion, drum textures and cool vocal sample chops. Best for technology, landscapes, virtual reality, video games, gaming content, metavers...

Inspiring Positive Ambient

A calm and positive downtempo ambient track with a gentle pace that's ideal for projects that require a track with a calm yet uplifting feeling, like films and media. Full version (1:23)
Yann Keerim
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