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Evening Breeze

A laid-back beat with atmospheric vibes. It features samples of vinyl crackle, reverberating electric guitar, drums, vocal effects and elegant synths. A cool instrumental in the best tradition of soulful mellow hip hop beats. Dreamy contemplation while sitting back, drinking coffee, enjoying music a...

Nostalgia Street

Nostalgia Street is a relaxing acoustic guitar track with a classic hip hop beat. It features a nostalgic acoustic guitar melody, beautiful harmonics, crystal clear and elegant piano, atmospheric synths, mellow horns, hip hop drums and a shaker. Perfect for chillhop playlists, time lapse, vlogs, You...

Sit Back

A calm, chill and relaxed music track in the lo-fi style. It’s got that nostalgic and dreamy vibe. It features a variety of atmospheric samples, including a drum beat, vinyl crackle, melodic piano, saxophone, synthesizer sound effects and vocal effects. Perfect for vlogs, study background, chillho...

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a laid-back lo-fi beat that creates a relaxing mood. It features a chill electric guitar, smooth horns, hip-hop drums, vinyl scratch, female vocal effects and atmospheric synths. Perfect for design projects, art work exhibition/presentation, photo slideshow, relaxing background compi...

Lofi Chill Relax Calm

LoFi Chill Relax Calm is a smooth chill hop instrumental with a laid back beat. It features trap drums, relaxing atmospheric synths, elegant piano, echoey guitar and a female vocal sample. Style: Urban (Chillhop), Fashion (Urban, Easy), Travel (Easy), Vlog (Chillhop, Mellow Beats). Mood: Calm (Lai...

Chillhop Relax Background

Chillhop Relax Background is a lively hip hop track with a trendy groove. It features cool samples including smooth electric guitar, atmospheric keys, both hip hop and trap drums, percussion and vocal effects. Style: Urban (Hip-Hop), Vlog, Electric Guitar, Travel. Mood: Cool, Uplifting (Feel-Good)...

Ambient Lofi

A deep ambient looped chill hop track. It is perfect for video production, youtube videos, corporate videos, advertising, background music, presentations, podcasts, TV. It is also great as a background for cafes, restaurants, boutiques, etc.

Relax Chillout Chillhop

Chill and relaxing track with a smooth beat, morphing sounds, vocal effect, and laid back mood. A perfect background for cooking videos, gadget reviews, work, and studying.

Chill Summer Lofi Hiphop

This track will perfectly fit for inspirational videos and motivational videos, YouTube videos, films ,TV, nature videos and photo slideshows,commercials, corporated videos, movies and more.

On My Mind

An elegant Chill Lofi track, driven by a acoustic guitar arpeggio, vocal samples, and a groovy silky beat. Perfect to create a stylish and elegant Atmosphere .

Six Strings Tales

A stylish rnb Chill Lofi track, with acoustic guitars, a driving beat, great vocal samples, all that in a simple arrangement. This track will create in your video project a unique elegant Atmosphere .

Summer Solstice Lo-Fi Version

great for media projects | promotion | vlog's | tv and radio advert | commercial| film television | social media | web | holiday and vacation videos | and more
Yann Keerim
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