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Nostalgia Street

Nostalgia Street is a relaxing acoustic guitar track with a classic hip hop beat. It features a nostalgic acoustic guitar melody, beautiful harmonics, crystal clear and elegant piano, atmospheric synths, mellow horns, hip hop drums and a shaker. Perfect for chillhop playlists, time lapse, vlogs, You...

Christmas Snow

The Christmas holiday is always expected and believed in miracles. The light and mischievous theme of the track perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the holiday, and traditional orchestral instruments glockenspiel, bells, violins, brass, percussion drums immerse you in an atmosphere of happiness and ...

Who Am I?

Who are we? Who am I? The dissection of ourself. Are we our thoughts? Our reactions to the world? Are we our relationships or the things we do? How should we feel about our impact on the world and all the people in it?


Danger hides in the shadows. We spend our childhoods convincing ourselves that the dark holds terrible secrets and evil deeds and as we grow, we realise that it is worse than our young minds could have imagined and that true terror will follow you into the darkness. This can be taken literally, ...

Abstract Thoughts Underscore

Modern abstract electronic track with live instruments. You can hear marimba, ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano brass section, strings section and a lot of electronic drums with percussion. Mood – thoughtful, melancholic, dreamy, creative. This track is best for creative ads, docume...

Timelapse Rock Memories

This is a time machine rock track, perfect for memories scenes and time-lapse videos.The mood is melancholic, time lapsed, emotional and perfect for videos about memories.Background music for media projects, perfect for promotional videos, sports projects, fashion, festivals, openers, presentation,...

Sentimental Strings and Piano

The Way is a dramatic, calming, emotional piece of ambient, with scratchy strings, soft piano and electronic soundscape. Very suitable for philosophical moments, looking out of the window, deep thoughts, bright mornings, sunshine and for quiet, reflective emotional videos, documentaries or arthouse...
Yann Keerim
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