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Wondrous World (60-secs Version)

This is a 60sec version of an inspiring, imaginative and reflective music track with a dreamy touch. Emotional and creative composition with a sense of wonder and yearning. Peaceful, soft and calm music that is perfect as a background music for films, trailers, documentaries and much more. Thoughtfu...

Wondrous World

Inspiring, imaginative and reflective music track with a dreamy touch. Emotional and creative composition with a sense of wonder and yearning. Peaceful, soft and calm music that is perfect as a background music for films, trailers, documentaries and much more. Thoughtful music that creates a majesti...

Beautiful Ambient Nature

Atmospheric ambient track, featuring soundscape pads, natural atmospheres, ethnic and simultaneously futuristic textures. Added a lighter version without natural atmospheres and drums. Relaxed mood of music perfect for contemplative projects, time lapse videos, documentaries, slow motion footage and...

Space Exploration

Whether travelling through the planets of our solar system, watching space ships moving gracefully or even viewing earth from above, this graceful, beautiful orchestral track with rousing strings, horns and synthesizer moods can add an extra sense of magic and awe. Great for games, documentaries, sp...

Epic Heroic Trailer

Lush and wondrous, featuring strings, brass, piano, and percussion creating an epic, determined mood.

Inspiring Ambient Strings Soundtrack

Inspiring and emotional hybrid modern ambient cinematic perfect for commercials, advertising, tv, motivational videos, film and nature documentaries. Main instruments: Orchestral strings, synthesizers, piano, drums, bass and sound effects.

Ambient Orchestral Documentary

Airy, ethereal, beautiful Cinematic Orchestra suitable for documentaries, presentations, advertising, games, commercials and other media projects. This heavenly, inspiring, magical, serene, string soundtrack will work great for fantasy scenarios, slow motion projects and awe nature related content....

Cinematic Fantasy Ambient Piano

Emotional cinematic piano & orchestra that starts in a quiet mood and builds up into an ecstatic climax. This introspective and sentimental piece has a mixture of moods, combining sadness, melancholy with some hopeful and beauty passages. This gentle, contemplative and melancholic crescendo is suita...

Star Music

Atmospheric ambient track with synth arpeggios, deep pads and a light drum sound. Versatile background music for documentaries, science fiction, games and much more.

Ambient Underscore (Hear Two)

Heavily processed acoustic guitars and beautiful padding create a truly unique chilled ambient backdrop...

Ambient Underscore (Hear One)

Looking into the void, traveling to the furthest outer reach's... Textured padding and soft pulsating synthesiser's.

Grandiose Adventure

This is beautiful and grandiose cinematic music with orchestral sound and epic adventure mood. This royalty free track can perfectly fit for movie trailer, adventure videos, travel vlogs, inspirational and motivational epic stories, drone videos, cinematic landscapes and views or film soundtrack.

I could be wrong

Lush and wondrous, featuring pulsing strings, synthesizers, ambient percussion samples and future house kick creating a hypnotic atmosphere.

Astral Light

Meditative song that can be used in a wide range of applications. The intense pad sound sparkles like a bright light and gives a special presentation, slide show, tech or image video an esoteric touch.

Traverling to Mars (soundscape)

Distant planets and epic landscape come to mind with this Tangerine Dream influenced ambient track. Power throbbing basslines and electronic textures...

On A River (ambient)

Floating down a river... A beautiful ambient build leads to a BVD vocal melody... Latin influenced electronic percussion, minimal jazz piano and electronic textures glued to a smooth but powerful bassline, creating a truly unique ambient underscore.

Ambient Underscore (Nosotus)

A vast desert landscape opens up before you as this minimal lush track develops. with subtle electronic melodies at the end. Magic Pads...

Ambient Underscore (We Leave at Dawn)

There's somewhere important to go and it's a long ways away... Thomas Newman inspired ambient track with light steel strings guitars, ethnic bells and textural padding...

Wonders of Nature

Awe and wondrous big orchestral track great for film, movies, documentaries, commercials, advertising, spectacular nature backgrounds and other media projects. This spectacular crescendo score combines different moods: Mystery, beauty, amazement, astonishment, awesomeness, emotional feelings and a ...
Yann Keerim
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