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Instants Of Life

Rushing and pressing, with multiple-layered pounding piano and embracing string orchestra, together building a great emotional impact. Depicting the idea of fleeting moments, race against time, struggle for success. Highly motivating and inspiring, perfect for commercials, emphatic advertising, spor...

Cultural Heritage

Proud and bold, with classical music elements: powerful staccato strings and lush melodic theme by violins, joyful woodwinds and majestic timpani in the backgorund. Awe-inspiring mood, confident feel, perfect for fantasy and adventure cues, history documentaries, patriotic videos, real estate promo...

Scorpio Rising

Atmospheric and dark synth pad and bass driven track with a modern 808 beat.

All Or Nothing

Cool & confident synth pad and bass driven track with a unique 808 beat.

Prepare For Dawn

Defiant synth pad track with an 808 beat and gradual rise in energy, building up to a euphoric final section.

Cosmic Wandering

An airy, meditative synth track with a gentle, pacing beat and a gradual build. Soft and reflective - well suited for meditations

Above The Stars

Lush, ethereal synth pads with a gradual, emotional build.

Lost In The Night

Ambient, 80's style synth bass driven track with lush synth textures.

Magical Orchestral Introduction

Classic fairytale-like orchestral introduction. This theme has been composed and orchestrated to very high standards in order to achieve ultimate realistic production value. Perfect to use in your film, trailer, animation, series or any other production seeking a rich orchestral sound.

Remembering Melancholy Piano Logo

A soft cinematic piano logo bathing in lush big strings. Perfect to introduce your logo, commercial or brand. Will work in a variety of productions across different platforms.

Smooth Lounge Hip-Hop

This is a relaxed smooth, lounge hip-hop track with a comfortable and laid-back feeling. Chillin guitar and horns lines evolve along with lush rhodes chords over a deep bass and drums beat. From lounge bars and restaurants background music, to fashion, luxury or lifestyle videos, through vlog, trav...

Cyberpunk Logo

This is a futuristic cyberpunk stock music logo track in synthwave - outrun - dark synth genres, including power drum beats, lush atmospheric leads and energy bass. This unique tune is perfect as a logo for futuristic sci-fi video games and movies, intro cyberpunk projects etc.
Yann Keerim
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