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Beautiful emotional and very melodic track that features big orchestra, lush strings and sets a romantic atmosphere. Ideal for emotional background, underscore or documentary.

Sound of Patriots

Modern and epic track, rather tensed and dynamic. Driven by powerful chords , choir, lush strings and accentuated percussion, ideal for impact and action cues as well as trailer-like cues.

Voice Of Victory

Modern, humble and heroic epic track accompanied by a piano, vocal lines and beautifully dressed lush strings. Tension is introduced with big trailer hits and accentuated violins as well as a bigger arrangement. Very melodic and heroic drama, impactful and a broad hybrid orchestration.

Torn Apart

Emotionally engaging epic track, accompanied by lush and somber strings. Very cinematic and accentuated in the violins and big taikos. Modern mix with modern hybrid elements and big brass. This makes this track ideal for big impact, heroic content or any other cinematic cues.

Law Of Nations

Beautiful epic track with percussive elements. Ideal for impact and big picture. Melodic in the brass section and emphasized by trailer hits. Middle part towards the end with lush strings and big orchestra accompanied by short violins. Rather uplifting, positive and progressing. Ideal for uplift and...

Return Home

Very emotional and ominous epic track realized by a big lush Hollywood-like string sound, a beautiful melody, and accentuated orchestra percussion. Accompanied by long chords and the grand piano, the atmosphere intensifies towards the end and is continually driven by drama, romance and passion.

Open The Gates

Modern epic track with many hybrid elements such as synthezizer effects, bass instruments and big trailer hits. Very vibrant and edging, accompanied by big lush strings and a rich hollywood sound. This track is very melodic and beautifully dressed with accentuated strings and percussion, ending in a...

Between Two Worlds

Lush, melodic and emotional epic track with a modern mix, big percussion and big finally with choir and brass. Beautiful melodic passages that create a rich and heroic atmosphere, surrounded by percussive trailer hits.

Sacred Valley

Powerful yet poignant. Sacred Valley is a premium video game music loop with an ancient, thoughtful quality. It's ambient acoustic sound brings forth a sense of longing and passion designed to immerse your audience. Perfect for fantasy and adventure games. This pack includes 4 versions - the main t...

Quiet Days

Sometimes you just have to take life slowly, right? This track is the pure embodiment of that concept. It's calm, quiet and lush - perfect for a soothing, quiet day. Give your next project that calm and contemplative feeling it needs with this lush, ambient track. This pack includes 6 versions for ...
Yann Keerim
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