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Picture the Sky

Positive vibe is ideal as background music for travel, relaxation, luxury, fashion, hotels, cookery, lifestyle, leisure and more

Salsa Soleada (Salsa-Latin)

Exciting and upbeat Latin American groove with Afro Cuban style piano, catchy brass, lively percussion and funky guitar. Feel the summertime vibe. Great for holiday and leisure, scenes of people dancing and having a good time, street carnival, travel. Cheeky fun alluring and exotic. hot club music, ...

Spring Journey (Leisure Background Guitar)

A calm acoustic track with a simple guitar arpeggio and a soft and warm melody, creating a carefree and positive atmosphere. Great for background music in videos, advertising, presentations, children or family videos, corporate projects, as well as on hold music.

Building Confidence

An optimistic, confident track, featuring warm electric piano, bright strings, bouncy percussion and mildly distorted electric guitar. Starting with a catchy rhodes motif, multiple levels of build, held down by an infectious mid-tempo beat, leading to a fuller final section. For stories that inspire...

Boogie On Down

loopable Electro Pop Track with a fun nightlife and summer vibe. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

That Lovin Feelin

loopable Sultry chill R&B acoustic track with acoustic guitars and percussion. Great for lifestyle content, vlogs, and travel programming

Latin Lover

loopable Sensual Latin Pop acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars. Sensual and seductive. Great for travel vlogs, lifestyle programming, and tv/film underscore

Operador Suave

loopable Sensual Latin Pop acoustic track with duo acoustic guitars and shaker. Great for travel vlogs, lifestyle tv/film, and commercials/ads

Countryside Lovin

A mellow & sincere loopable country folk guitar duo track with shaker. Suitable for social media content, vlogs, and commercial/ads

The Warmest Color

Future Bass track with a summer relaxing vibe. Bouncy drums, acoustic guitars and synth pluck & keys. Reflective and positive atmosphere

Sunny No More

Chill relaxed R&B flavored hiphop track with sultry guitar lead and lush old skool vibes. Suitable for sexy programming, urban tv/film content, and drama, lifestyle shows

Suburban Dreamer

Dreamy guitar driven future bass track. Chill and ethereal vibes. Key of C with button ending. Wobble synths and ambient pads. Suitable for leisure, entertainment, lifestyle, and corporate content

Spanish Guitar Ditty No 1

Spanish Latin Guitar Style Track with a Flamenco Classical Flavor. Elegant and sophisticated vibes. Great for travel, documentaries, food and leisure, cocktail and lounge scenes, and artistic programming

Simply Happy

Happy, quirky track with dual solo Jazz guitars. Cheerful and fun song that builds with a celesta at the end. Great for ads, TV/Film with a happy theme, and childrens content

Romantic Spanish Guitar 1

Emotional, sensual, & romantic flamenco spanish guitar serenade that's beautifully arranged perfect for Intimate, dramatic, and passionate scenes. great for travel, drama, and leisure content

Orange Funk

A Funky boom bap hip hop track with horns, funky guitars and leads, groovin bass, samples vocals, and DJ stabs and hits. High energy and exhilirating. Great for lifestyle and entertainment tv/film programs, urban content, sports, and social media vloggers
Yann Keerim
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