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Boss Fight Theme

An edgy and aggressive track with strange synths, cavernous sound effects and virtuosic spanish guitar melodies. Conveys hard difficulty, challenge, danger. Great fit as background music in games, horror movies or for extreme sports and intense leisure activities videos.

Be Innovative

This is an inspirational and motivational corporate track featuring plucks, strings, and piano. The excited and futuristic mood will evoke ecstatic, joyful, and happy emotions. The track is designed for podcasts, presentations, explainers, openers, promo & startup videos, and more.

Chinese Sentimental Nostalgic (Soundtrack)

It is a sentimental,nostalgic and warm track using Chinese instruments. A little lonely but not sad, feeling of happiness. Perfect for movie, drama, documentary and animation set in China.

Best Christmas Memories

Cheerful and merry Christmas rock'n'roll with a slightly 50s feel; featuring bright brass, twinkling bells, buoyant glockenspiel, uplifting piano and swinging drums. Joyful and festive family atmosphere perfect for commercials, film cues, Youtube videos, videogames and more.

Calm (Japanese Contemporary)

It is a calm, grand, warm, beautiful, emotional, nostalgic, peaceful, happiness and soft track. Perfect for Japanese beautiful scenery video, Japanese Tourism promotion movie, documentary set in japan, The main instruments are a Japanese Koto and Shakuhachi.etc.


Inspirational and motivational corporate track. Perfect for any commercial production: corporate events, trainings, team building, as well as for sporting events, video clips, presentations, etc. The song is easily cut into pieces, it will allow to make desired length of the track without any proble...

Fun Times At The Theme Park Loop

Warm and uplifting music track creating a sense of happiness, having fun and friendliness. The inclusion of real instruments greatly enhances the emotional musical connection. The music can work in a loop and is therefore useful in situations where continuous background music is needed. Will work ve...

Get Ready For Summer

Uplifting tropical summer pop with piano, synths and drums. The build up of the music will evoke feelings of holiday, travel and leisure time. Perfect background for commercials, corporate videos, presentations, advertising, promotions, TV more.

Live emotions

A calm piano composition that creates a sensual atmosphere and an emotional mood. In combination with leisure, romance, social, commercial projects, animation, slideshows, etc.

Please your family

A calm piano composition that creates a sensual atmosphere and an emotional mood. Combined with leisure, romance, social, commercial projects, animation, infographics, etc.

Monday Funday

"Monday Funday" is a high energy, fun and exciting acoustic pop track with acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, lively percussion and a cool background mellotron melody. Immediately evokes feelings of happiness, joy, optimism, positivity and uplifting inspiration. Perfect for upbeat corporate background...

Future Reggae

This is a traditional guitar riff in reggae style with the Future Bass rhythm section and electronic sounds. Perfectly reflects the light mood and carefree atmosphere. Ideal for summer beach videos, travel, advertising, documentaries, travel blogs and many other your projects.


Light ambient track with electronic sounds and air piano.

African Reggae Underscore

Light and cheerful musical composition in the African reggae style. You can hear many native African instruments such as ney flute, cora, ngoni, balafon, marimba, kadan, congas but also instruments usually used in reggae - electric guitar, electric organ and electric bass. The general mood is relaxe...
Yann Keerim
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